Alarm Pillow Starts Your Day Off With Good Vibrations

From designer Seung Jun Jeong comes the Alarm Pillow, a way to replace the annoying audio tones of your alarm clock with a refreshing movement from underneath your noggin.

Tired of alarm clocks that jerk poor sleepers up and out of their calm and quiet dreams, aggravating them and annoying their partners, Jeong designed a friendlier, fluffier alternative - the Alarm Pillow.

Step 1: get a pillow.

Step 2: outfit it with a timer and vibration device.

Step 3: lie back and wait for the awesome.

The concept is simple, but should in theory be oh-so-effective. All a sleeper has to do is pull the small alarm tab on the side of the pillow to set the hour they'd like to be awakened. When the hour arrives, the pillow begins a slow vibration, waking the user up, but not jolting them out of a sound sleep as though the dead themselves were rising. 

If you choose to lift your head, glance around groggily and return to a prone position, the pillow will use the weight of your sand-filled cerebellum to trigger the snooze timer and wake you up again in a few minutes. That's right - the very act of putting your head back down to snooze with cause the pillow to countdown quickly and wake you up all over again.

Alarm clocks: they've never been so fluffy.Alarm clocks: they've never been so fluffy. 

Jeung was smart to design this as a soft object, since despite the "niceness" of the wake-up call, we see this pillow being hurled into other objects on a regular basis. We're also concerned that the alarm timer - diagrams only show it pulling out to 5 or so, since the specs aren't clear on if the pillow contains a clock or if the timer simply being used to set the number of hours of sleep the user wants.

We're also concerned about what could happen if the timer strap gets caught under a body part or another pillow, or if the Alarm Pillow gets permanently set to "vibrate"

Still, we're pleased to see a designer shaking things up in the world of alarm clockery.

Source: Yanko Design 

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