Alcatel's Upcoming Android Handset Caught On Video

The French language Android blog FrAndroid has obtained some pictures and video of Alcatel's new handset, which is apparently running the Donut version of Android.  The handset looks basically like a Palm Pre with Android on it, but the French bloggers seem to have gotten pretty excited about the low cost handset.

The phone features a 2.0 megapixel camera, a 600 mhz Qualcomm processor, a QVGA display, and  a physical keyboard.  Nothing there is too impressive, as most smartphones in our market have been running Qualcomm processors for years.  The 2.0 megapixel camera is nothing to bother with, and the display is like any ordinary Blackberry.

ImageImageWhat I think these guys are excited about is the price of the machine.  Although FrAndroid did not mention any specific numbers, they did make the comparison that it would probably be cheaper than the HTC Tattoo, a comparable device with similar features.

They also were impressed by the touchscreen, which is not compacitive, but is actually a well-optimized resistive touchscreen.  According to a translation of the FrAndroid article, "This proves that this technology can be effective when properly optimized."

Although we probably won't see this particular model here in the States, it's worth noting that reasonably high-performing smartphones are now starting to be manufactured at very low costs.  Add Android to the mix, and phone manufacturers will save even more money on OS software, a savings that should hopefully trickle its way down to consumers.

[images and videos via FrAndroid]