Alcoho-Lock: Won’t Let You Drink And Bike

Drinking and driving is downright wrong and dangerous. And so is drinking and biking.

In cities and towns across the USA drinking and biking is on the rise and it is becoming a growing concern. Operating a bicycle while under the influence of alcohol is causing tragic deaths and injuries.

A case in point is New York City.

A study published in Traffic Prevention on drinking and biking in NYC over a 10 year period reports that alcohol was detected in 6 percent of those who were involved in a bicycle crash.

Even worse is that same study reports that one in five bicyclists died as a result of being impaired.

The NYC Departments of Health and Mental Hygiene, Parks and Recreation, Transportation and the NYC Police Department were also involved in the decade-long study. Similar studies have been done across the USA and report almost the same findings.

However a team of inventors are on a mission to put the ‘brakes’ on the growing problem of people pedaling while hammered.

KOOWHO has just developed Alcoho-Lock. The new lock is innovative on every level and it will certainly help prevent injuries and deaths.

Stop Drinking And Biking

The lock, which uses the same technology the police use to burn drunk drivers, is simple to use.

Before getting on your bike you first breathe into Alcoho-Lock. The lock won’t open if alcohol is detected on your breath. When you blow the legal limit then the lock automatically opens.

As well, when you blow over the legal limit, an alert is sent out to your “pre-registered partner’s smartphone.” This means that they (friend, lover, father, mother, sister, or brother) will know you can’t access your bike and they can come and pick you up or call a taxi for you.

The lock, which is bright yellow and black, weighs about one pound and costs $250.00. The cover material is made out of aluminum.

Alcoho-Lock: The World’s First Breathalyzer Bike Lock

The lock is certainly innovative. But will it sell?

It’s more than safe to assume that it will sell in a big way.

In the USA drinking and biking is a chargeable offense, so Alcoho-Lock just might be widely promoted among police and transportation departments.

In Canada drinking and biking is not illegal, however if the police notice a rider is impaired then that person is charged with being intoxicated in public. So, it is safe to assume as well that law enforcement agencies in Canada will also promote the use of Alcoho-Lock.

Other countries as well will probably also widley recommend the use of this new invention.

Alcoho-Lock will help keep cyclists safer and it will help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities. And yes, that's a good thing.

Cheers to Alcoho-Lock.