Alcohol Goes Ultra Portable With Go Wodka Extreme Vodka Tubes


With summer pretty much upon us many people are turning their thoughts to sitting on the beach or by a pool with a cool drink in their hands.  Of course there are also things like backyard barbeques, camping trips and summer weddings to look forward to.  Coincidentally, these happenings also usually involve partaking of a few frosty beverages.  Talk about convenience.  Just in time for summer, vodka in a tube is here.


Go Wodka Extreme was created by Wenger Corporation of Austria, but is apparently available these days in the U.S., Australia and throughout Europe.  These portable aluminum tubes come in different flavors including lemon, cranberry and energy. 


While you may look a little odd sipping directly from a tube (unless everyone else has one too) these could easily be used to pour yourself a drink too.  They actually may be a little too handy.  I could see these being snuck into all kinds of events where they may not be welcome.  They would make a fun addition to a summer party though.  I wonder how well they would freeze for some adult frozen treats.




Jun 11, 2010
by Anonymous

Apps for

Hotel rooms vs using In Room Bar & paying up the $$$$$ for drinks.

Problem: use in workplace.

But not much vodka from tube, unless use bigger tube.
Then were talking.

Jun 12, 2010
by Kim Patterson


Lots of good suggestions here.