Alcohoot Edge Lets You Be A Smarter Drinker

An inventor from New York City claims he has developed the most advanced breathalyzer ever.

Christopher Ayala has just launched the Alcohoot Edge, which is a Bluetooth connected breathalyzer that utilizes sensory technology that tracks, monitors and measures your blood alcohol levels.

Who should use this new technology?

“Anyone who drinks,” explains Ayala. “Be it three drinks a week, one drink a month, or going out for the first time at 21. The Alcohoot Edge benefits anyone who wants to make smarter and healthier decisions.”

Be Smarter. Be Healthier.

With the click of a button users can instantly connect to the Alcohoot Edge app on their smartphone. Once you blow into the palm-sized device, the app will then provide you with immediate information on the alcohol level in your body.

Ayala’s invention employs the same cutting-edge breath analysis technology in law enforcement devices that accurately calculate Breath Alcohol Consumption (BAC) readings.

BAC readings are important to know as alcohol – beer, wine, spirits and hard booze– impairs your judgement. So, the Alcohoot Edge will help drinkers know if they are fit to drive or if they should find another means of transportation back home (taxi, bus, subway, drive-home service, or walking).

BAC readings are also important to know for health reasons. It’s no secret that the booze affects your body in many ways, far beyond the time you are sipping or chugging back the drinks. Knowing the data on your drinking through BAC readings, and comparing it to your mood, weight, energy level or athletic performance, will help you decide if having that additional drink will really be worth it, according to Ayala.

Through BAC readings, the Alcohoot Edge app measures your alcohol consumption over time, so you will get a more ‘sober’ understanding of your drinking behavior.

The app also allows users to connect with safe ride-sharing app-users that will help more people under the influence get home more safely.

And the app informs you of local restaurants and bars that are in walking distance of your home, so you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere.

The Alcohoot Edge app is supported with Apple Health and Google Fit. Each morning you can take a quiz which will perform a qualitative analysis to algorithmically predict optimal alcohol consumption level.

Then there is the smart-line graph that the app offers. This feature providers drinkers with trends on their alcohol consumption and allows for notetaking to be added in order to properly track accurate drinking information.

Alcohoot Edge has accurate readings. So, once you blow into the Alcohoot Edge, you will know right away what your BAC readings are, and the data displayed on your smartphone through its app will clearly inform you of your drinking patterns over time.  

Should You Get The Alcohoot Edge?

For anyone who drinks a device like this is beneficial.

What makes this smartphone breathalyzer stand out from the competition is that its BAC readings get top points for accuracy, so you will know if you should drive home or not.

And technology like this will keep you more informed of your drinking patterns which will help drinkers make healthier choices, like cutting back on their drinking, or quitting if it’s a real problem.

Knowing when you drink and how much you drink is important. Alcohol abuse kills and the Alcohoot Edge only promotes responsible drinking.

This new device retails for $120.00 (USD).

Will this technology help change the way you drink?

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