Alert Pedestrians - You're Coming Through With The Runbell


Urban runners, how many times have you found yourselves slowing down your fat-burnning, cardiovascular revving pace because you get stuck behind some chatty teens or a wandering soul on his smartphone? The Runbell is here (or almost here) to eliminate some of that frustration and alert those distracted pedestrians to your presence.

Runbell For Urban RunnersRunbell For Urban Runners

Picture a cross between a bike bell and brass knuckles and you have the Runbell. The Runbell slides over your index and middle fingers and features a striking mechanism that you trigger with your thumb to ring the bell on top. It's fairly simple, but effective. 

Ringing The RunbellRinging The Runbell

The Runbell's bell is brass, which produces a superior musical sound, so you could actually play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to let others know you're around. It is made to fit larger fingers but comes with silicone inserts so that just about any sized fingers are covered. 

Although this lightweight simple device isn't on the market just yet, you can visit the Runbell Kickstarter page to back the product and reserve one for yourself.