Do a Double Take With Acrylic Human Canvas Art

Timmy on the MetroTimmy on the Metro

Alexa Meade is an artist that paints her masterpieces on people, using acrylic paint on their bodies.


Meade grew up in the Washington, DC area and graduated with a degree in political science. She decided to put politics aside for awhile and started to pursue art. This series, titled "Living Paintings" consists of acrylic painting done directly on human flesh. She was inspired from simple paintings consisting of shadows cast on objects.

Jaimie and AlexaJaimie and Alexa

I would love for this to be painted on me so that I can go around town and get people's reactions. I could pretend that I came from another world and that I'm stuck in this world trying to get back to my own. I bet I could have enough people believing me...either that or they could be convinced that I needed to go to a mental institution.

Meade says that not many people will make eye contact with her artwork. She says people usually feel uncomfortable and that there is a lot of sideways glancing. 


I love the way this artist transforms people into objects of art. Now that I think about it, these people remind me of that music video by A-ha called "Take on Me" know, that person/drawing that moves around in the video? Maybe it's because her paintings look like drawings and they stand out from their backgrounds.


I think Meade's art is pretty cool. I've grown quite fond of "Timmy on the Metro". I feel like I should be helping him back to his own dimension in space and time. And handing him a care package with food in it so he doesn't get hungry along the way.

What do you think?


Copyrighted images used with permission. Visit Alexa Meade's website and Flickr page to see more of her extraordinary artwork!

Mar 23, 2010
by Anonymous


That is really cool and looks like something I could do, I just never would've thought of it!