Alien Autopsy Tissue Box Cover is Out of This World

Can't decide if you “want to believe” or just want to blow your nose? Don't just sit there crying to the sky. Thanks to the Alien Autopsy Tissue Box Cover from Japan's Village Vanguard you can believe and blow at the same time!

Remember the creepy Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction special broadcast by FOX TV back in 1995 that was hot news before it was exposed as a cool hoax? Village Vanguard remembers too.

In fact, they've always felt bad for the millions of shocked & awed viewers who watched the grainy footage on their small screens, wishing they were back in Roswell NM in June of 1947, huddled around the autopsy table, gingerly pulling tissues out of a little gray alien recovered from the crash of his flying saucer. Yep, you & me both.

Sixty-five years later, you CAN be there... in spirit, at least, pulling tissues of a much different type out of Village Vanguard's Alien Autopsy Tissue Box Cover!

The 505mm long by 203mm wide by 105mm deep (20” by 6” by 4”) cover features semi-metallic scaly silvery “skin” and a pair of Intergalactic Black eye sockets. It also sports a central slit bordered in bilious Betelgeuse green from which you pull out tissues one by one to your heart's content.

The cover is designed to lay flat like most actual autopsy patients, alien or not, or hang on the wall by its outstretched arms... like NO autopsy patients do, one would fervently hope. Get yours online from the Village Vanguard website for just 1,890 yen (about $23.50) each and remember: Roswell that ends well!