The Aliens Aren't Responding - And Russia's Pissed

There are plenty of mysteries out there for scientists to worry about. Finding the cure for cancer or discovering a way to reverse ozone damage would be a good start. However, over in Russia they are concerned about something else: Saying hello to an alien. And if you ask this small clan of scientists exactly why they are obsessed, they will likely tell you it is for our own safety.

Dr. Zaitev with one of the innovative radio transmitters: Source: Seti InstituteDr. Zaitev with one of the innovative radio transmitters: Source: Seti Institute

With super advanced technology, these researchers are searching for alien life on planets newly discovered to be within the same distance as Earth is from the sun. However, no one is laughing. In fact, two senior level scientists have recently quit their jobs at an exclusive international study group, upset that the public was not willing to listen to a discussion reagarding what may take place here on earth if we do in fact make contact.

Happy alien hunter at work: Source: Seti InstituteHappy alien hunter at work: Source: Seti Institute

Do the aliens have malicious intent, or would they be willing to sit down for a meal and swap galaxy gossip? No one knows for sure, but at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Alexander Zaitsev is doing everything he can to find out. Using an impressive 70 meter wide telescope, he is beaming signals to nearby star systems, known as a form of "Seti", or ET research.

Yay Team Alien!: Source: Seti InstituteYay Team Alien!: Source: Seti Institute

While we have been "listening" for years, making contact ourselves is a whole different ballgame, and some members of the Seti community are completely freaked out. But with all the new radio telescopes available, both in Asia as well as those in California donated by Microsoft founder Paul Allen, chances are we will find out someday soon.

... Or maybe not.

Source: Times Online

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Jan 3, 2008
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Hollywood knows the truth,

Hollywood knows the truth, aliens must be hostile...