The Alienware M18X

For those of you who like your laptops to be larger than life, Dell's added a new big brother to the Alienware family. The behemoth M18X boasts an 18.4 inch screen, making it one of Alienware's largest desktop replacements to date. Now, I know what you're thinking here: That sort of size comes with a lot of power, doesn't it?

Oh yeah. 

The Look

(Image Courtesy of Engadget)(Image Courtesy of Engadget)All I can really say at this point is that the M18X an Alienware laptop. And that's just fine.The system will be available with either a black or red trim(Techspot). That bit's kind of to be expected- let's face it, those two colours seem to be the industry standard for gaming nowadays. I'd also hazard to say that like most of Dell's gaming line, it'll include color-customizeable backlights and keyboard lighting. Again,pretty standard vanity additions, but nice just the same. 

The 18.4 inch screen runs at 1920x1080, with full HD support, and the keyboard includes "five macro-programmable keys wrapped in an otherworldly anodized aluminum shell."(Read a Tech). Basically, that's just a fancy way of saying it'll be shiny, near as I can tell. 

If you want a few pictures to drool over until the laptop releases, swing on by Engadget's M18X gallery

The Specs

So, the specifications. This is the part you've all been waiting for. Dell's finally gone public with them, and I've gotta say: The M18X is a powerhouse. But that's not a big surprise, is it? I mean, look at the size of the thing! It would be a rather serious problem if it didn't have a bit of power to back up the paunch, no? 

Anyway, to the juicy details. the Dell Alienware M18X will boast the following(from Engadget and Posterous):

  • 4GHz processing power on an overclocked i7 processor
  • Up to 32 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Either AMD Crossfire X or Nvidia SLI Graphics (I don't believe there's been an official word on the exact cards- perhaps they'll toss in the Radeon 6790 or GTX 580?)
  • HDMI 1.4 Support
  • A 12-Cell Battery
Dare I say it? The Alienware M18X is going to be large and in charge. Those are some pretty nice specs for a laptop, no? Granted, you're going to have to sacrifice a fair bit of portability, but just the same....look at the specs. 

Final Word

Sadly, there seems to be no information regarding an official release date for the M18X. Earlier today, Dell posted links to purchase the laptop on its Canadian site- but not only were the specs all wrong (4-8 GB of RAM and a 2.8 GHz Processor? Really?) but the price seemed a touch low as well, sitting at only $2,000.00-$3,000.00. Oh, and the picture was of the M17X(Techbox). Near as I can tell, Dell's since taken that page down- I think somebody made an oops. 

There's been a few guesses as to when this leviathan will be shipping out, and all of them place it sometime in May or June. If I had to hazard a guess as to the price, I'd place it at somewhere upwards of $4,000.00. Hey, if you're buying a system like this, you've gotta have pretty deep pockets.

The M18X will be available on Dell/Alienware's website when it releases- that much, at least, is certain.