Alive Lure's Wings Buzz And Vibrate

Alive LureAlive Lure

Most fishermen would agree that live bait is best for catching any species of fish. In fact, most fake bait tries to mimic live bait in some way. The Alive Lure is no exception. However, this electronic, vibrating and buzzing lure is the first of its kind.

There are advantages to using fake bait. For starters, you can reuse it. With live bait, once the fish takes it, it's gone for good. Fake bait can also look, feel, sound and smell like live bait as well. Some, like the Active Lure are very advanced in mimicking aspects of live bait. 

Fish Caught With Alive LureFish Caught With Alive Lure

The Alive Lure is the first electronic vibrating, buzzing lure. It is water activated and battery powered. It produces an intermittent buzzing sound similar to an insect's buzzing, and it's vibrations produce a rippling effect on the water that fish can't resist.

The biggest difference between a real insect and a lure is that the insect is alive; it makes noise and moves. With its buzzing and vibrating features, the Alive Lure has closed the gap between real insects used as bait and fake lures.

Fishing With Alive LureFishing With Alive Lure

The Alive Lure's battery life is about 17 hours. That means you can use it for an entire day's worth of fishing without having to replace the battery, and most fishermen, who use Alive Lure, find that this life-like lure produces results without waiting hours. 

This high-tech lure is the result of about seven years of research and development by Diversified Technology Inc., but now it's on the market. It costs about $20, and you can find more information, including how to order your own, on the Alive Lure website