All-New 2015 Mazda2 To Debut At Paris Auto Show

Mazda has been teasing us with the prospect of an all-new Mazda2 “supermini” since the Mazda Hazumi Concept model wowed onlookers at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Now Mazda's taking to the auto show circuit once again as the production version of the 2015 Mazda2 makes its debut at the Paris Auto Show.

The upcoming fourth generation of Mazda's entry-level model carries on a long tradition of success dating back to July of 1996. Looking a lot like the Ford Festiva, the boxy hatchback was known as the Demio in Japan and the Mazda 121 in foreign markets. Slab-sided styling and pedestrian 1.3L and 1.5L I4 engines nonetheless, the vehicle was awarded the Automotive Researchers' and Journalists' Conference Car of the Year award in Japan for 1997.

The Demio continued to evolve over the years and finally, thanks to Ford selling its shares in Mazda, the upcoming Mazda2 will have no connection with Blue Oval engineering or styling. Instead, the lightweight auto will more closely hew to the current Mazda design ethos that has delighted some but turned off others.

We were given a foretaste of the fourth generation Mazda2 at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show where the Mazda Hazumi Concept model (above) was displayed. Clothed in aggressively sculpted ruby-red bodywork, the Hazumi Concept served as both a preview of the upcoming Mazda 2 and the new SkyActiv-D 1.5L, 104HP diesel engine slated to power it in world markets. North Americans can opt for the 1.5L Skyactiv 4-cylinder engine whose 100 horsepower should provide a spirited driving experience in a vehicle weighing just over a ton.

Expect to see the all-new 2015 Mazda2 arrive in dealer showrooms in late 2014 with most vehicles sold in North American being manufactured at Mazda's newly opened production and assembly plant in Salamanca, Mexico. (via The Truth About Cars)