All the Best Valentine's Day Links?

In celebration of Valentine's Day, I thought it'd be helpful to collect together some of the great articles written on and around the web in celebration of this day of love and romance.

Here are some old and new favorites from our site:

READ: READ: Love is in the Air: 9 Fun Valentine's Day Ads
READ: Rare and Romantic: Unusual Get-Aways in the Middle East
READ: 10 Amazing Hotels to Make Your Lover Moan Comfort
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READ: Top 10 Funniest and Weirdest Japanese Condoms
READ: 10 Ways to Have Fun with Boobs
READ: Underwear That Is Fun To Wear

If you think Valentine's Day sucks:

READ: Anti-Valentine's Art: 10 That Will Break Your Heart
: 10 Hottest...err..Coolest Anti-Valentine's Gifts
READ: 8 Unusual Valentine's Day Gifts To Get Your Mate Hot or ... Bothered
READ: 5 Good Reasons to Dump Her

For interesting Valentine's Day Gift Ideas:

READ: 7 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for the Geek You Love
READ: 10 Cool Ways to Adore Your Dog on Valentine's Day
READ: 10 Unique Vases for Valentine's Day

And from some of our favorite sites:

Dark Roasted Blend: The Fine Points of Romance
MissCellenia: Valentine's Gone Bad
The Bachelor Guy: Cheesy Pick Up Lines from Around the World
PreSurfer: Saudi Arabia Bans All Things Red for Valentine's Day

If you are bored on Valentine's Day Up, here are some sites that like our stuff so we want to say thanks and suggest you may want to check them out:

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VISIT: AttuWorld (NSFW)
: DrunkenStepfather (NSFW)
VISIT: Drunk Report (NSFW)

Happy Valentine's Day!

If you find any good links to share, please let me know.