All Boxed Up: The Fitness Cube Keeps Your Home From Looking Like A Gym

Most of us don't have a special space for a real home gym, but the Fitness Cube, by the French fitness club and gym equipment/sports clothing manufacturer, Domyos, is clearly made for those small home and apartment dwellers who want everything in a home gym without having it take over our living spaces.



In this 20 inch, 33 pound cube, you have a resistance machine that can aim for 30 muscle groups in your body!  Inside is a fold out bench, a floor mat, and accessories for your resistance exercises: a short bar, long bar, two handles, and an ankle strap.  You can do your workout, pack up the Fitness Cube






The Fitness Cube is recommended for those who want to improve or maintain their fitness levels, from beginners to more experienced users, enabling you to tone all the muscles of your body, especially the pecs, arms, abs, glutes, and thighs. 

And don't worry, as your fitness level improves, you can just twist the knob up a notch or two and advance to the next level of difficulty.



The Fitness Cube is available in gray, black, cream, and a cool bright red and white from for about $145.

Fitness Cube via Gizmag


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