All Electric Audi R8 Could Bow At Frankfurt

With the Frankfurt Motor Show fast approaching, rumors of "who is bringing what" are beginning to run wild. Alternative energy vehicles will once again be at the heart of the show, with several other concepts also being introduced. This year, Audi has been able to catch the attention of many people with the simple rumor that an all electric version of the R8 may be making an appearance.

It should be noted that Audi has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, but only said that it was too early to begin talking about Frankfurt. However, they have also gone on the record to say that affordable electric vehicles are only a few years away.

According to the rumors, the all electric R8 has been dubbed the ePerformance and will use a powerful stack of lithium ion batteries to store power. A high output electric motor will be in charge of propelling the ePerformance via the rear wheels.

The rumors are also pointing towards an all electric drivetrain, not a hybrid, so the range of the vehicle will become an issue very quickly. The price could also make or break the ePerformance.

Automobile Magazine