All Electric Mercedes-Benz Vito to Challenge Ford Transit Connect

Limited range vehicles are being introduced by the dozen these days, and for a good reason. Many people in the market for more fuel efficient vehicles live close enough to their jobs that it doesn't matter. But what about those companies that need a short range vehicle for something as simple as delivery? Mercedes plans on solving this with the production of their Vito Electric Vehicle.

Vito Plug-In PortVito Plug-In Port

The delivery style van will begin with a series of 100 units, the first 20 of which have already been confirmed for delivery. Power for the Vito is drawn from a 32kWh lithium ion battery stack powering an electric motor at the rear wheels. From a full charge, it can provide a range of about 80 miles. This is while lugging cargo totaling just shy of 2000lbs. The top speed of the Vito it electronically limited to 50mph, due to being designed as a means of urban transportation.

Depending on how well the first wave of production units does, Mercedes could be ramping up those production numbers to about 2000. This would also require some additional market testing, but the engineers see no real issues in the immediate future.

Feb 27, 2010
by Anonymous

Unfair comparison... Mercedes beats out in all product line.

Even if it wasn't Mercedes creating this, the form factor is already superior to the 'Transit Connect' which by the way is a weak name for Fords attempt into this market.

For light commercial vehicles; I don't feel Ford has what it takes. For the most part EV companies which have a great future are already in production.

Companies like Goss132 have an outstanding Sedan, and the price point is spot-on to what consumers are willing to pay. Probably the best EV form factor for a Sedan on the market today.

Phoenix Motors has a very good EV product line, and Tesla ( thought expensive ) has put on a fairly good show thus far.

- Senior Editor

Dec 15, 2010
by Anonymous

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Over the years, it has undergone many revisions both to the body styles as well as engine trims. Ironically, the first Mercedes-Benz Vito was based on the Volkswagen Transporter’s chassis. These vans are marketed more in Spain as well as UK and some parts of North America. The Mercedes-Benz Vito vans are now preferred more than the Volkswagen ones due to the simple reason that they are more sophisticated and refined and also carry the prestigious 3 pointed star on their sloping bonnets.