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Who hasn't wanted to hack Guitar Hero so it plays automatically, make a sniper rifle for Duck Hunt, or, hey, even build their own Darth Maul lightsaber? Well, for every inventor out there who likes to modify or hack that which is already in existence, Hack N Mod is the perfect website to coach you through it all.













Anyone can spend hours on this site finding adjustments and alterations to everything from iPods to lasers, and, though some are not for novices, you can still pretty much pick out something in your technical skill range. One I recently tried out? Resurfacing a CD with toothpaste. It's not exactly a "hack," I know, but a neat trick nevertheless. A few others I'm willing to give a shot? Ripping DVD videos on my iPhone, adding LED lights to my keyboard, and, yeah, I'm going to give that Darth Maul lightsaber a go. Wish me luck.

Jun 19, 2008
by Anonymous


Anyone know the mods for a light saber?