All the Stuff Too Crazy for the American Inventor Show


I was having trouble sleeping last night struggling to come up with an amusing posting for you, as we all wait with bated breath for the new episode of American Inventor.

Finally, around 3 am, I had the idea that it would be fun to joke around at about the kind of products that clearly wouldn't make the show.

Unfortunately for me, my brilliance is rarely gets appreciated. I seem to always a bit late in getting out in the market with my ideas. Somehow, it ends up that somebody else claims to have had the same idea as me and finds a sneaky way to take credit for it.

Well, it happened again! I found to my dismay this morning that my great ideas are already out there. Darn, darn and darn. Well, since these are a few of the ideas I would have had, if I hadn't been sleeping, I feel no qualms about sharing them here as my idea.

The All-Purpose Everything in One Brush


The Leave Your Message Wherever You Go Boots


The So You Can Rest Pill Dispenser For Your Children


For the Office that Has Everything Else Caviar Dispenser


I know these ideas have already been shared with the world by the posters at but I am showing them off here, because I would have had these ideas if it hadn't been so late at night and I hadn't been so tired.

To be honest, the other ideas featured on , I would never have thougth of, so being the decent person that I am, I give them full credit. Go take a look if you want to.

Apr 6, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

same issue

You seem to be having the same issues that some of the contestants on the show have. ie., having an idea that is already out there. the difference between you and them is that you actually checked it out and found out that someone had already traveled that road. Remember - research, research, research.