All Tied Up: The Fattie Chair by Tracy Deramus


Stumped as to what to buy dear old dad for Father's Day?  Well, here's an idea:  The oddly named Fattie Chair by Tracy Deramus, a chair whose seat and back are constructed of neckties. 

fattie chairfattie chair

Tracy Deramus has decided to put together this remarkable piece of furniture -- a chair whose main body is woven from neckties with god-awful prints. 

Perhaps you could take it upon yourself to construct a replica, maybe using Dad's ties from the '70s that he's got hidden away in a box in the attic somewhere.  Oh, the look on his face when he sees the manner by which his own creative juices have passed on to his progeny! Get the camera ready for that Kodak moment. And then, in a gesture equivalent to hanging a 5-year old's artwork on the fridge, you can force him to displace his La-Z-Boy with your proud creation.... On the other hand, you might want to just stick with the tried and true, traditional, singular necktie for this Father's Day and save the surprises for some other holiday.

Via Trendhunter