All Tied Up: Supernatural Puts A Twist Into Modern Wallpaper

Supernatural began back in 2004 as a computer graphics collaborative and has since taken flight into realms including design, technology, fine art projects and beyond.

"Burst" in green"Burst" in green

Some of their recent developments include this wild wallpaper that I just can't seem to wrap my brain around. Taken from what could be construed as a classic pattern, these glossy black knots fully modernize the traditional and lend spidery ribbons of nearly three-dimensional movement to the design. Available in five colors, this wallpaper is their first in a series, available online at maxalot.


botanical bonsaibotanical bonsai

Among other notable accomplishments is this collection of supernatural bonsai, inspired by floral forms and "experiments in flow and growth." So pretty, I expect them to either fully bloom or fly away.


Ophelia Barstool isn't so tragicOphelia Barstool isn't so tragic

Keeping in line with a similar form and general feel is the Ophelia Barstool, which doesn't appear as romantically disturbed as the name might suggest. But it is quite elegant.


supernatural antlers, on the realsupernatural antlers, on the real

And just for kicks, which mythical beast do you think sprouted these?


twist and....shake?twist and....shake?

And finally we have the Twist lamp, which "is powered by a kinetic cell and capacitor that feeds energy to the flexible bioluminescent collar within the lamp's shade." (That's a mouthful! ) To generate light you hold the lamp by its stem and shake it for a minute, thus producing an hour or so of low light. So, in other words, it doesn't need any batteries or external power source, and it looks all kinds of slick, to top it off.

In other news, Supernatural and several other CG industry mavens will be at Tate Modern beginning in March for a series of lectures entitled "Digital Dreams" which will explore the intersection of art, design and technology.

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