Allbe1 Is Your Personal Security Guardian

A team of inventors in Tel Aviv, Israel, have developed a very innovative device that takes personal security to a whole new level.

Allbe1, just as its name suggests, is a small capsule that is armed with a variety of powerful sensors that monitors just about anything and it better protects you, your family, and your belongings.

“Allbe1 contains many features such as an infrared alarm, tracker, silent alarm alert, open drawer detector, smartphone smart lock, motion detection, fitness tracker, UV monitor, smart button and so much more,” writes the team on its website.

Your Personal Guardian

The multiple sensors simply monitor just about anything. It’s a security device and it also provides comfort and convenience - all of which is connected and controlled from your smartphone via the Allbe1 app. 

What’s really unique about this invention is that it offers an infrared alarm. In the event someone is in your home, its sensors will detect motion and then send an emergency alert to your smartphone. No one will get to sneak up on you while you are sleeping.

And in order to protect your belongings, the Allbe1 tracker will notify you when your personal belongings have been touched or moved and will provide their exact location. You can even place the device in your drawer, so if anyone else opens it when you are not at home an alert is sent instantly to your smartphone.

The smart button feature also allows you to press it and call for help in an emergency or when you are encountering a dangerous situation. 

When the app is activated a user can set it to unlock or lock on its own, so there is no need for a password. The lock is activated based on your distance from a smartphone. There are no worries if you are not near your phone: no one else can open the app or check for alerts, only you can.

What’s even more fascinating with this invention is its motion detector feature. If you are out of the office, you will get an alert if something has been moved. And for those who own a car, Allbe1 alerts you if another vehicle bumps into your car while it’s parked, and you will also get a notice on your phone if anyone touches your wheels – yes, even if it is just a finger you will be informed.

For those who have children the Allbe1 device can be placed in their clothing as it monitors and records human movement. You get to set the safe zone, and when your child moves out of it an alert is sent to you and it identifies their exact location. The pet tracker offers the same feature. You just place the capsule collar on your dog or cat and you will know where they are at all times.

“Allbe1 can be placed on your computer, inside your drawer, on your child or pet and on a shelf with a designated holder. Allbe1 will guard you indoors and out,” explains the team.

Allbe1 offers an infrared alarm.Allbe1 offers an infrared alarm.

Allbe1 Is Smart Technology

Outside of the security realm of things this invention is loaded with other features.

There is the fitness tracker that counts your steps, distance and calories and the data that is calculated is sent to your smartphone app. The progress on your workout routines is at your fingertips.

Then there is the UV monitor. If you need more sun exposure, an alert will is sent to your smartphone. And the same is done when your body is getting too much sun; the device also tells you when you need additional sunscreen. The sensors are cutting-edge and work in sync with your body.

The Allbe1 capsule, which comes in a variety of colors, can also be placed in your child’s room and you get instant alerts if the room is too hot or too cold.

Are there other devices like this one on the market? To date Allbe1 appears to be the only device on the market that provides an abundance of features - all wrapped into one.

It will certainly be a hit on the market. It’s sound on every level and of course it is more than affordable. The cost for each one at present is $45.00 (USD), and their kits range from $75.00 to $199.00. Want to buy the Allbe1? You can't buy the Allbe1 today but you can pre-order the security device on Allbe1s website

Consumers enjoy personal security for that extra piece of mind and Allbe1 offers a variety of beneficial features all in one capsule.