Allergen Beagle Sniffs Out What You Shouldn't Be Eating

Knowing what you're eating is important for the health conscious of us in general and even more so for those with allergies - and the Allergen Beagle concept might just be the helpful tool you need.

A master's project by Sebastian Goudsmit at Eindhoven, the Allergen Beagle is intended to give that same dog-like ability to sniff out things that don't belong but in the comfort of your own home. Replacing the wet doggie nose with test tubes and a number of indicator strips, Goudsmit has created a concept intended to allow those with serious food allergies to quickly and easily determine if what they're about to eat is terribly, terribly bad for them.

Allergen Beagle: sniff sniff, woof woof.Allergen Beagle: sniff sniff, woof woof. 

Currently, Goudsmit's system can detect peanuts, shellfish, lactose, gluten, hazelnut, soy, eggs, sesame and almonds using a tall triangular device that can easily fit in the corner of a kitchen counter. To use the detecting properties of the Beagle, a concerned eater would simply select the proper test tube, collect a small sample of their food and place it inside. Next, they would place the tube into the Beagle and wait as it was tested - a small light illuminating the process for their enjoyment - and once finished, the test tube's indicator strip could be read.

If both the "test" and "control" lines both darken, then the sample tested has the listed allergen. If not, it should be safe to eat.

While the system is still a tad cumbersome for at-home use, it's certainly a step in the right direction for severe allergy sufferers - even a small amount of peanut, for example, can make a sensitive individual extremely ill.

We do wonder, though, if the test strips have the same issues as those found in pregnancy tests - false positives or negatives - and also how many of each strip/tube combination will be provided with the Beagle. Still, for a master's concept the design is stellar and its plainly evident that Goudsmit has no allergy to being wildly creative.

Source: Yanko Design