Alpackalypse: The World's First Whitewater Packraft

Alpackalypse In RapidsAlpackalypse In Rapids

How would you like to have the convenience of packing your raft in your backpack, yet still have the ability to tackle some tough currents? You may have a tough time finding one, unless you're looking at an Alpackalypse Raft, the world's first whitewater packraft.

There are a variety of packrafts on the market, but few can withstand rough currents. The Alpacka Raft company has a few packrafts on the market, some for fishing, some for rowing. Their Alpackalypse Raft was designed specifically for whitewater.

Alpackalypse RaftAlpackalypse Raft

The Alpackalypse isn't your typical packraft. Its tubes are smaller than standard packrafts, with makes the Alpackalypse quicker and more maneuverable than normal packrafts. However, what it gains in its movement, the Alpackalypse loses in stability. Because the tubes are smaller, it has less lateral stability--similar to a kayak. 

Unpacking AlpackalypseUnpacking Alpackalypse

The smaller tubes also allow for more internal room for the paddler. They also give the vessel a more defined side edge. The Alpackalypse's tubes are also durable and lightweight. They're made of urethane coated 400 denier Vectran, which is a high-performance, multifilament thread. This material gives the Alpackalypse increased hull rigidity over standard materials. 

The Alpackalypse employs inflatable hip pads that provide kayak-like support to keep your hips in position, while navigating rough waters. There is also a foot brace, a heavy-duty seat, a back band and a multi-point, adjustable knee cups in the Alpackalypse. 

On The Rive With AlpackalypseOn The Rive With Alpackalypse

The Alpackalypse's internal rigging system coupled with the low volume tubes give this vessel incredible responsiveness and durability. The raft also has the ability to roll, just like a kayak,

As the most capable whitewater capable packraft ever designed, the Alpackalypse doesn't come cheap, which is probably the only downside to this raft. However, if you're looking for convenience and capability, you'll find it in the Alpackalypse. 

Source: Alpacka Rafts