Alphabet Plates: Making Mealtime Fun For Kids With Customizable Plates

Practically every family has a picky eater. Meal times can result in tantrums, thrown foods, and plenty of tears. Since it's not realistic to feed your child that one staple food item that your child will eat daily, Alphabet Plates has found another way to make mealtime fun.

Customizable Children's PlatesCustomizable Children's Plates

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you know how much I love anything customizable. Alphabet Plates is all about that as well, allowing parents to personalize plastic plates and dinnerware that will help encourage even the pickiest child to eat out of the sheer novelty of it. The plates aren't so magical that they make every vegetable taste like pizza (or whatever floats your little one's boat); but adding a little bit of added excitement to mealtime can make a big difference. Plus the plates are awfully cute, aren't they?

Alphabet PlatesAlphabet Plates