Alpoy Makes It Easy to Make Custom Avatars

If you're a frequent visitor to forums, then surely you know the importance of having a cool avatar.  The net nerds of the world will never take you seriously unless they like whatever crazy picture you use to mark your forum territory first.  There's plenty of different ways to make custom avatars using offline programs like Photoshop, but now there's Alpoy, a site dedicated soley to avatar collections.

 The site is simple enough to use.  You can upload images, or take a link from an online image and the avatar editor will allow you to crop, rotate, edit, and animate your avatar.  You can even use a YouTube link and use images from the video.  I did notice that the crop/rotate tool when you first load up a YouTube video can be a little bit buggy, but usually not on a normal image.  It's probably a result of streaming the video, which is many many images, into the editor.

Then there's animation.  You can take several avatars (up to 30) and animated them into a .gif avatar.  30 frames is not a lot for a .gif avatar, but you can control how fast each individual frame lasts for.  The frames only play in one direction on a continuous loop, which is pretty typical.  But more creative people may want more options.  All in all, the animation aspect of Alpoy is limited but effective.  I can imagine this part of the service getting better with development.

Alpoy gives you 30 storage slots for your avatars.  I really can't imagine anyone needing more than that.  I tend to use the same, unanimated avatar everywhere I go, but that's just me.  I think making animated .gif avatars through an online application is pretty impressive, useful, and innovative enough for the site to be worth a shot.