Alteil Online Dueling Card Game Explodes with Anime Imagery

Pokemon, Duel Masters and Yu-Gi-Oh pioneered dueling card games in both Japan and the wider world. Alteil takes up where these games leave off, adding exquisite anime style artwork and an online dimension few RPG's can match!

For the past four years, Alteil has grown from a cult craze to a popular phenomenon in first Japan, then Korea and other Asian nations. Now it's coming to the USA. Unlike early dueling card games like Pokemon, Alteil takes place online - there are no cardboard cards to purchase. In fact, Alteil is FREE - just download the software and you're in the game!

The designers of Alteil have obviously looked closely at other popular games and have addressed their weaknesses. One of these is lackluster visuals, and Alteil has eliminated that problem by bringing in top anime designers like Katsuya Terada, Hitoshi Yoneda, Rei, Jun Kawasaki and Yuji Kaida. If the names aren't familiar, perhaps their portfolios might ring a bell: Tekken 5, Xanadu, various Gundam models and the movie Hellboy.

How does Alteil work? Each player assembles a card file of up to 30 cards, which are displayed on their screens in combat-ready sets. The more cards you have, the more flexibility you get in assembling your sets. Dueling takes place simultaneously on your screen and that of your opponent. Build up a record of success and it'll be displayed for all to see, along with a customizable avatar.

The backstory of Alteil is steeped in romance, splendor and adventure that provide universal (and unisex) appeal. Align yourself with one of four factions and get started quickly, without getting bogged down in establishing economies, mines and farms - a typical game is played out in about 20 minutes! All in all, Alteil should receive a warm welcome from a wide range of gamers thanks to its broad appeal, ease of use and zero cost. Looks like a winner to me! (via Anime News Network)

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer
Nov 13, 2007
by Logress (not verified)

Thanks for the review!

Thanks for the awesome review! Actually, you explained our game a lot better than I could have. Maybe I should just send people with questions here. One thing, the game actually won't have any download necessary, it's 100% web based.


Oct 1, 2008
by Anonymous

A good review although it

A good review although it should be said you have to pay to get additional cards. While you can win them in other ways, if you want to compete in high-level play, as opposed to just casual low level, you'll probably be paying.

That said, it's still cheaper then Yugioh, and maybe then Magic, but you don't have the physical card, in exchange for being able to fight more people more often.