Aluna, Lunar Clock for the Olympics

The power of the sun is amazing, but what about the power of the moon? Can it be harnessed? London-based artist Laura Williams thinks so and has decided to tap into that lunar power.

In 2002 she designed Aluna, the world's first tidal-powered self-sufficient moon clock, but building such a remarkable piece of art requires space and money. As of now there are plans to build Aluna in London for the 2012 Olympic games.

What is so special about Aluna? Aside from its artistic value Aluna will serve the local community by generating local employment and tourism. In addition there are plans to harness the power of the moon even more by using Aluna to power up to 200 homes. Between the sun and the moon, who needs electricity?

Aluna's steel structure will be 40 meters wide, 5 stories high and its 3 giant rings will be made up of concentric translucent recycled glass, powered by turbines beneath the tidal River Thames. The moon will changes the tides the tides will power up Aluna so that when the moon is full, the tides will be stronger and Aluna will be much brighter.

"During darkness, Aluna emits white light. As the Sun rises, the white light fades and the leading edges of the structure turn to color, conserving energy while maximizing visibility." (

For more information on Aluna visit the Aluna website here .

What do you think about Aluna?

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Nov 12, 2007
by crispy (not verified)

Looks pretty but...

I would not want my town to buy one.

... for indicative purposes we estimate a 40 metre diameter Aluna will cost between £4million and £5million.

OK, it will provide some jobs when being built, but the money's coming from the community's pockets. You could provide jobs by having a £4million concert, too. The energy being provided must be from the turbines which, by the way, are not maintenance free. As for tourism, how many additional people will be going to London because it has one of these?

A funny question and answer from the FAQ:

Can you sit, walk, climb or skateboard on Aluna?

Our intention is for the public to interact with Aluna. You will be able to walk around the sculpture, enjoy the large space in its centre, and sit on the lower part of the Lunar Phase ring. For Health and Safety reasons, climbing will not be permitted and built-in design features (e.g. surface treatments) will make skateboarding an unrewarding experience.

In other words, NO.