Seven Amazing Bedroom Technology Innovations Available Right Now

Sleep technology is a big deal right now. Companies are focused on innovations to help  improve sleep time and quality of sleep. It is big business.  Here are seven of the latest new sleep innovations available right now.

1. Digital Sleep Trackers

Digital sleep trackers such as the FitBit and other devices help people track their sleep patterns and even the quality of their sleep. By monitoring the time and efficiency of sleep, users can work to change sleep patterns and address sleep problems. The devices can even help uncover sleep disorders and other health problems that might be affecting your health and your sleep.
Sleep Technology: Fitbit Fitness and Sleep Tracker: Holly LOVES her Fitbit!Sleep Technology: Fitbit Fitness and Sleep Tracker: Holly LOVES her Fitbit!

2. Touch Sensitive Night Lights

The Senzo Nightlight solves the annoying bedroom problem of not being able to find the light switch in the dark. The Senzo lights up the room just through touch, so when you are groping around in the dark you have a decent chance of creating light.  This would also be a great sleep technology to install in a child's room.

Sleep Technology: Senzo NightlightSleep Technology: Senzo Nightlight

 3.  Interactive Alarm Clocks

The iQ alarm clock makes you really wake up by administering a quiz first thing in the morning. Instead of letting you hit the snooze button, the clock makes you answer questions in order to stop its noise.

Sleep Technology: iQ Alarm Clock: Early morning quiz, anyone?Sleep Technology: iQ Alarm Clock: Early morning quiz, anyone?

 4. Temperature Sensitive Bedding

Temperature regulating pillows and quilts using TempraKon technology are on the market thanks to Quilts of Denmark. Originally a home insulation material, TempraKon consists of microscopic wax-filled spheres. The spheres help the down-filled quilts absorb and wick away heat and moisture. The wax releases the heat when temperatures drop, keeping your comfortable effortlessly.

Sleep Technology: Quilts of DenmarkSleep Technology: Quilts of Denmark

 5. Speaker Pillows

Speaker pillows, such as Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy, use ultrathin hi-fi speakers to provide soft music or white noise while you sleep. They dock with iPods, MP3 players, CD players and white noise machines. The pillows use hypoallergenic poly-fiberfill. The speakers are removable when you need to wash the pillows.

Sleep Technology: Speaker PillowSleep Technology: Speaker Pillow

6.Bendable Headboards

The Paciugo Italian Contemporary bed produced by Bolzan Beds features a bendy headboard. Split into halves on larger beds, the headboard bends over to create a sloped backrest for reading or watching TV. Partners in bed can adjust their headboard individually.

Sleep Technology: Paciugo Italian Contemporary Bed - Bendy HeaadboardSleep Technology: Paciugo Italian Contemporary Bed - Bendy Heaadboard

7. Bed Within A Bed

Another sleep technology bed is essentially a bedroom within a bedroom. The Insomnia Cure Bed “Once Upon a Dream” was created by Mathieu Lehanneur. Currently available only in the Hôtel du Marc in Reims, France, the bed features everything from automatically closing curtains to automatically adjusted temperature and lighting. It even has a built in white noise generator to block out external sounds.

Insomnia Cure Bed "Once Upon a Dream" by Mathieu Lehanneur for Veuve CliquotInsomnia Cure Bed "Once Upon a Dream" by Mathieu Lehanneur for Veuve Cliquot

We want one of everything, please! Sleep in our neighborhood is definitely hard to come by. Have you heard of other sleep technology innovations? Send your ideas!


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