Amazing Soundwall Wireless Speakers Doubling As Works of Art

Combining sound and vision isn't a new concept, but the idea of a work of art and a wireless speaker blending into a single aesthetic experience is an innovative, sensory magic carpet ride. Built-in super thin speakers make it possible for wall art to produce music. Incredibly, Soundwall is not a canvas with a speaker attached; the entire canvas is the speaker.

What need does Soundwall fill?


Soundwall Art: Source: Cool Things.comSoundwall Art: Source: Cool


Who would want this, you might ask. Well, many people is the answer. Anyone who seeks to decorate a home or office in a unique way may opt for this new and different wall art. Unsightly speakers can detract form a warm and inviting atmosphere. There is soemthing about msuic that can be very distracting if the source is realized. With Soundwall, the source is hidden.


The benefits of Soundwall

Communicating your company image through a choice of music is a very effective marketing  device, albeit a bit subtle. For a myriad of reasons, playing music in the work place  is a positive thing. It can have a soothing effect and contribute to a professional atmosphere. Soundwall is so much smoother than changing CDs in your stereo and so much neater than looking at ugly, speakers gathering dust on shelves.


Soundwall Scene: Source:CoolThings.comSoundwall Scene:


Soundwall is for music lovers only; there is no question about that. For those at home or at the office who desire to listen to it all day, chocies up to now have been limited to unsightly wireless speakers.  With Soundwall, it couldn't be easier. Play music on your phone or computer and with one click  send the musical strains of your chocie to Soundwall and that is it!

Its simplicity hallmarks its brilliance. Via AirPlay, which requires a Mac or newer models of iPhone, iPad or iPod, Windows users can utilize Aple AirPlay via iTunes 11 and up, while Android consumers need a more complex setup using the UPnP protocol. The speakers work without wires, rendering the wall art seamless and flowing with the rest fo the room.


Soundwall versatility and customization

Soundwall can be customized to fit all tastes and types of decor. Whether it is a nursery or a living room, its limitations are only those imposed by a lack of imagination. Speaking of nursuries, Soundwall could be a safe option by providing a sound systemwithout the potential danger of wires.

Serving  both your eyes and your ears pleasantly and simultaneously, Soundwall is versatile. Hand-made in Boulder, Colorado and requiring several weeks to assemble, once it arrives at your home, installation is very simple. Your can select your wall art either from a gallery of images provided by the company or you can work from a blank canvas  and create your own wall art. The possilities are endless but the results are guaranteed to be fabulous. Simply plug into an outlet as you would a lamp and establish a Wi-Fi connection.


Soundwall Art: Soundwall.comSoundwall Art:


When you examine the back of a Soundwall with the dust cover removed, the vibrating exciters are clearly visible as is the equipment enclosure that contains all the "smarts." The exciters are designed in such a a way that they stay in place no matter how heavy the music gets. Probably the coolest thing is the Raspberry Pi which is the brain of Soundwall. It runs the software that provides everything needed to receive music from your phone or computer.

The future of Soundwall

Soundwall is certain to make speakers as obsolete tomorrow as record players are today, not to mention records. There is no changing of CDs or dusting of speakers and you can set up your play-list for an entire day in advance. Soundwall is a growing trend in office and home decor and there's no telling how far it can go. Only time wil tell on its future applications. Could they one day include famous radio broadcasts from the past such as The War of The Worlds or for the more historically bent, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's inspiring fireside chats? Or maybe just stand-up comedy?

No one can say, but everyone can listen and enjoy Soundwall.