Amazing Humidifier Is Actually Amazing

When the summer temperatures go up the air conditioning goes on and dries everything out, especially your skin and your sinuses. It can be hard to have a regular humidifier with you because they can be large and Amazing HumidifierAmazing Humidifieryou always have to worry about mold build up. With the Amazing Humidifier you can have it with you and turn just about any bottle of water into a humidifier that plugs into your computer.

Of all the things you can plug into a USB port, this is probably one of the more beneficial ones since it helps you stay just a bit healthier. If you don't mind itchy, dry skin and sinus headaches you may not care, but the rest of us do. You are probably better off with your USB Christmas tree anyway.

The gadget works by just setting it over the open mouth of any water bottle and then plugging it into the nearest computer. Just set it far enough away so that you can't knock it over on the computer. Either that or Amazing HumidifierAmazing Humidifierplug it into the wall with a smart phone charger. The device produces a fine mist to moisturize the air around you. This won't humidify the whole building, but it should help your general area.

When you are done just unplug the device, put the lid back on the bottle, and dry the device in the sun (this will prolong the life of the humidifier).

According to the manufacturer you can even use it as a night light. Go figure. You can buy the Amazing Humidifier here.

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