Amazing Race Finalists Visit Virtual Worlds & Darth Vader In Finale

On the Amazing Race's 16th Season Finale scheduled to air May 9th (8:00PM-9:00PM ET), the last three teams travel from Shanghai to San Francisco in hopes of winning the million-dollar prize. They've circumnavigated the globe and now they're heading home.

Brent & Caitlin, Jet & Cord and Dan & Jordan make up the final three teams pitted against each other - Models vs Cowboys vs Brothers.

Dating Models
Caite Upton, 20, Lexington, S.C., Model-Actress
Brent Horne, 28, Columbia, S.C., Model-Advertising

Jet McCoy, 30, Ada, Okla., Cowboy
Cord McCoy, 29, Tupelo, Okla., Bull Rider


Daniel Pious, 24, Barrington, R.I., Financial Advisor
Jordan Pious, 22, Barrington, R.I., Strategic Consultant

16th Season Amazing Race - Models vs Cowboys vs Brothers16th Season Amazing Race - Models vs Cowboys vs Brothers

In Episode 12 called "Huger than Huge," racers come face-to-face with Darth Vader in a Galaxy, far, far away before entering a virtual world as their look-a-like avatars. 

Virtual World - Avatar Caite vs Real-life CaiteVirtual World - Avatar Caite vs Real-life Caite

Here is the CBS TV trailer for the May 9th Finale…

16th Season Amazing Race - Finale TV Preview16th Season Amazing Race - Finale TV Preview

Update: May 9, 2010 - See the actual TV footage at the finish line that was not shown in the Finale. Eliminated contestants provide additional insight regarding the final three... and the Lesbians didn't hold back...