The Amazing RuffWear Web Master Multi-Functional Dog Harness


RuffWear makes many products for dogs who participate in outdoor sporting activities with their owners, but don't shy away from this harness just because your dog would rather sit on your lap than brave the Appalachian Trail. The RuffWear Web Master Dog Harness has qualities that any dog and dog owner will appreciate....

RuffWear Web Master Dog Harness: image via amazon.comRuffWear Web Master Dog Harness: image via


A Harness for Sporting Dogs

Originally developed to assist search and rescue dogs in getting in and out of tight spaces, climbing steep rocks and embankments, and pulling out of ditches and water pools, the Web Master design is also beneficial for amputee dogs and those with other mobility issues in the legs and back.


RuffWear Web Master Dog Harness: image via ruffwear.comRuffWear Web Master Dog Harness: image via


RuffWear Web Master Dog Harness: image via amazon.comRuffWear Web Master Dog Harness: image via


A Harness for Disabled Dogs

Because of its balanced design, with strap support in front and under the chest, the strength of the materials, and the harness's inside soft padding, the Web Master enables you to help support your dog's lower body without hurting her.  Additionally, the handles are well-balanced so there is limited strain on you.

A Harness for Houdini Dogs

Is your dog a Houdini?  Never met a harness he couldn't squirm out of?

Another great reason to invest in the Web Master Harness.  The unique arrangment of the straps will prevent your squiggly from weaseling out of his harness and running away to chase that squirrel.  No more near heart failures for you - at least not from this cause.

A Harness for Dogs That Pull

Finally, the most universal reason to purchase the RuffWear Web Master: your pulling dog.  Unless you have invested in many hours of training and you practice it every day, your dog pulls.  They do.  It's just part of being a dog. Put her on a leash and she pulls.

Well, the Web Master is a no-pull harness.  The chest and belly fasteners, both of which contain clips for a leash  or two, put all the pressure of pulling in just the right places, so you don't have to feel guilty (and you should) pulling at your dog's neck.  Attaching a leash to the front of the harness generally keeps a dog from pulling forward, but if there's rabbits in your hood, you can start out attaching a leash to the back holder as well.

BUT, if you want her to pull, you on a sled, for example, the Web Master even has a loop for a pulley in the rear of the harness, and because the harness is so comfortable and ergonomic, she won't feel any strain.

Once you own the Web Master, which comes in 6 sizes and is generously adjustable, you will really appreciate having it. To some dog owners, it's literally a life-saver. Just read the super reviews on Amazon and Wayfair.


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