American Green Marijuana ATM Dispenses Legal Goodies Vending Machine Style

Around here, we've seen vending machines of all categories, and they tend to be a fan  favorite. The features on marijuana vending seem to have particular appeal among our readers, and with the changing laws, the competition is getting fierce when it comes to naming the most innovative concept.

American Green VendingAmerican Green Vending

One of the latest marijuana vending machines to make its appearance is the American Green modern dispensary. It's located in Seattle, Washington, although it probably won't be long until we see other 'high'-quality vending machines popping up as decriminalization progresses throughout the nation.

The American Green pot vending machine is different than others we've seen for the simple reason that you don't need to have a marijuana license to access its products. It also provides a much greater variety (or so it seems) than others that dispense dope in its raw form only.

Edibles, drinks and more can be purchased from the machine at the simple push of a button. Unlike when dealing with a person, the machine just doesn't care about your reasons for purchasing or whether or not you are doing so legally. The vending machine just doesn't judge. Isn't that a great quality to have?

 Of course, there is one small catch as American Green is not legally entitled to handle cash. So they've taken their progressive approach to business to the next level and are working to introduce BitCoin as their primary payment method. This ensures that transactions remain above board, but it doesn't downgrade the convenience. 

It might seem like technology is erasing the need for individuals in the service industry. But in reality, the people behind this concept hope that staff will be granted more time to spend with their customers discussing products and finding the best solutions. They do also intend to roll out these machines to other dispensaries as a kind of franchise solution in the near future, so other budding entrepreneurs can try their hand at the vending sales game.

The Vending macines will also start to feature competitions, giveaways and other fun perks designed to entice consumers.Unnecessary? Perhaps, after all, the product they're selling speaks for itself...and if you'e lucky; sometimes you might just hear it.