The American Heart Association Presents: Hand Symphony

The site's slogan is "Hands can do incredile things, but nothing compares to using them to help save a life."  The American Heart Association put together this fun little site to raise awareness of hands-only CPR techniques to resuscitate a person whose heart has stopped.

The basic funtion of the site is rather simple.  You have three music types to play with, and 12 pairs of hands per music type.  Just click on each of the hands to make them join in the rhythm, and you can send the song to a friend if you like, as well as share it on Facebook and various social media sites.

What impressed me about this site was not so much the functionality, but the site's ability to effectively teach you about hands-only CPR in a fun way.  If you venture just outside the simple clapping hands game, you'll find educational videos, a short web film, and even an iPhone app free for download.

Congratulations to American Heart Association for putting together this effective display of important information.  I learned CPR when I was in grade school from guest speakers in the gymnasium.  Kids today can learn in a whole new interactive way.