American Inventor Episode 5 Airs Thursday, April 13, at 8pm (7 central) - Two Hour Special. Who's Going to be Watching?

Please note the earlier start time for American Inventor - 8pm (7pm central). The episode is going to be two hours long.

THE FIELD OF INVENTORS IS NARROWED DOWN TO A FINAL 12 WHO WILL RECEIVE $50,000 TO TAKE THEIR PRODUCT TO THE NEXT LEVEL, ON ABC'S “AMERICAN INVENTOR” "Episode105" - After interviewing thousands of inventors, the judges face the difficult decision of narrowing down their top 50 choices to 24, and then to the final 12 who will be lucky enough to receive a check for $50,000 to further develop their product. The top 50 finalists will be given two minutes to re-pitch their product and wow the judges with their idea. From there, the group will be narrowed down to 24 who will be asked to explain what sacrifices they have made and how winning "American Inventor" will change their lives. The judges have a difficult and long deliberation process and often disagree on who will move forward, but in the end they select the final 12 who will see their dream come one step closer to reality in an emotional an exciting episode. This is from ABC’s Press Release. TV Guide tells us the break up of the first hour and second hour. In the first hour, the judges consolidate the field from 50 to 24 after giving the contestants two minutes to re-pitch their inventions. In the second hour, the contestants explain how winning the prize would change their lives. Judges then eliminate half of the final 24 inventors.

Apr 12, 2006
by bygeorge (not verified)

fifth show process

so, another words the one with the bigger sob story will advance, not the best invention, that's kind of how it's worked so far,

Apr 12, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I'll be watching to see how

I'll be watching to see how in the world 60 seconds can be the limit on the presentations. Because it's already decided who the 12 will be (program recorded weeks in advance) the comments or ideas from this website makes no differance- it's up to the judges alone. It would be a shame though if the baby car seat didn't make it due to it's many responses of interest on this site. (Whether you think it would work or not) The $50,000 could go to possibly making this dream a reality, which is what this show is all about.

Apr 12, 2006
by Alexis


I am pretty optimistic about this round and even more so next weeks episode. First off, the first few episodes of American Idol is also all about the drama. Then after the initial rounds, they get serious about the competition so hopefully the same thing will happen in American Inventor. Second, there are 50 contestants this round, that means there are so many that went on to the second round that we haven't seen (I haven't counted how many of the products we've seen in the earlier episode have gone forward) - some of the ones we have not seen maybe mind altering products. Third, yes, episode 5 has been recorded weeks ago and yes, the comments on this website can not change the judges mind on which 12 go forward. But remember, we, the American public, call to vote on our favorite invention in the final round. So we can continue to discuss our favorites and our least favorite. We can try to talk the people who like the stupid inventions out of liking the stupid invention (and ultimately voting for it). Final note - its a TV show, its entertainment. Have fun with the show and this website. Its fun to find other people who are watching the show and discuss it. That's why blogs on TV shows are so popular.