American Inventor - Episode 9 (Hour 2) Doug Hall Decides The Fate of Who Moves On! The Winner Is ....

DOUGS4EPISODE 109 – DOUG HALL DECIDES WHO MOVES ON. There’s only one spot left in the Final 4.

Joseph and Jennifer Safuto – Inventor of the Flushpure toilet seat. Every time you flush the toilet microparticles of bacteria fly all over the place. Despite their last round of horrible presentation they moved on to this round.

Sharon Clemens 63, – Inventor of the Restroom Door Clip. Mother of grandmother of 2, from Huntington, CA. 30% of restroom doors are broken. The judges couldn’t deny, this could be something that sells millions and millions of units.

Janusz Liberkowski - Spherical Safety Seat. Immigrated to the US in the 80s. Live in Northern California with their twins. (What’s up with everyone being from California?) He spent 5 years developing this product. He says, every day 3 kids die in a car accident. And his passion helped move him into this round. In order to do this, he had to choose to quit his job.

So… what did they do with the 50G? Doug tells Sharon Clemens she should create a bathroom survival kit. She puts it into focus groups. Hears it’s weak, and should be a part of a package.

Patton Design group sketches out some ideas. 2 days after her initial meeting she calls Doug up from Patton design and decides she’s going to use someone else.

Next up Janusz – Doug says he should find the best tech geek to say his invention will really work. And needs to develop a name to define a whole new category. Oh yeah, he also says that with 50G and 30 days, he has an IMPOSSIBLE task. Janusz (prounounced yan-ush) First up, focus groups. Cosmetically they say it sucks. One person likes it, that’s it. They say it won’t fit in a car/truck. Meets with Patton design. He makes 2 designs. A test device, and a drawing design.

Next, Safutos. He wants photographs. He thinks Jenny should be the presenter. No more tricks. The focus group doesn’t think the filter would work. Some don’t think they would want it in their bathroom. 3D ID They say they can make it cheaper and better. Joesph said their job isn’t to make it better, it’s just to take their dream come to life. When they see the first prototype, Joesph goes off. And I mean BAM. He throws down the prototype, which probably cost him 10G. To his point, they didn’t follow his instruction.

Sharon lines up a new design company. The design team a day later shows her something in an eyeglass case design. She likes it. She says she has had major personal changes that have made her feel there is nothing she can do.

Janusz sees the test device. And he’s not happy. He says they’ll test their protoype and his design and sees which is better. He said he will remember this time for the rest of his days.

Joseph comes back and apologizes to 3D ID. They hire a pitch coach to help them with their presentation. Jenny is going to take more of an active role. (Funny anecdote, in the NYC auditions, I saw these guys. They flew in from LA because they missed the West Coast audition. Joseph clearly was the center of the stage there. Jenny was dubbed “the assistant”. Glad to see the roles are becoming a little more even, maybe.

ANECIAJanusz get’s to see his prototype, and it’s his dream come true. (It looks pretty cool, although a bit large) And the way it spins and moves works great.

ANECIASIDEVIEW Now they face the 4 judges. First up, Joe and Jenny Saphuto. PUREFLUSH copyJenny is involved this time. They say the 50G wasn’t wasted. They show a shot of how the bacteria shoots out when the toilet is open AND how it shoots out the sides and top when it’s closed. (Totally disgusting, I’m moving my toothbrushes) Same exact flush. Same exact flush, but with the PureFlush. It was tested in a Bachelor Pad in Malibu, they hired a biological testing lab that tested bacteria in a room with a normal toilet seat. The tester comes back 24 hours later to test the bathroom. The first round of samples had bacterial growth. 24 hours later, they tested it with the seat down, and there was no bacterial growth. (Of course, they bleached it down, so that might have helped prevent growth, it’s hard to say.) Ed doesn’t think the fear of the alien germ is going to do it. Doug and Peter say it’s a real “invention” it solves a “real” problem.

CLIPNow it’s Sharon Clemens turn. She presents her Restroom Survival Kit. In it you’ll find two stall stoppers, a flushable whipe, antibacterial hand wipes She shows her test. Some good, some bad, 52% of 100 woman said they’d buy it. They all seem to like it. She says it’s a $254 million dollar market.

Now’s Janusz is up. He says it’s a beautiful design. He shows his test in a lab. He used his test device in the crash vehicle so as not to destroy his prototype. The test results show that his product will save lives. He says there’s nothing on the market that can save a child’s life at 60 miles an hour except his new invention. He names the product “anecia” survival capsule. That was his daughter’s name who passed away 7 years ago.

DOUG says he loves all three of his inventors ideas. It’s going to be tough. With each one of the three there are challenges, and he says the people are great people, and can only imagine what they’re going through.

First Doug says Sharon was great, way beyond his expectations. But is it good enough, I don’t know.

Next Doug said Joe was awesome today, way beyond his expectations. (Didn’t I just hear that?) Needs to connect the dots from the mist to what does it mean for people.

Next he says Janusz made incredible progress. But there are real technical unknowns. Doug’s decision is Sharon will not be moving forward. BUST. But she’s proud of herself.

Next Janusz. Doug can predict the future. The whole project is going to come to a screeching halt, and Janusz will find a way to make it move forward. Doug wishes it could be a tie. But he can’t. PureFlush doesn’t move forward. BUST. (But I bet he’s going to get a sweat licensing deal.) DOUG says it’s with great honor that he moves Janusz through to the final 4. BOOM!

Now it’s time to go home. Cue sappy music. “Somewhere over the rainbow…” Joe and Jenny cry a bit – but head home to his kids. Lot’s of hugs. Now Sharon heads home to her family. Her husband loved the fact that she was doing it so he could retire. (I bet that thing will be selling in CVS real soon for $3 – and a $2.50 profit.) Janusz heads home to a huge group of friends and family. He shouts he made it. Lot’s of hugs and kisses. Closing shot of him going to the cemetery, for the 7th year anniversary of his daughter’s death. This is for her. FINAL4

NEXT WEEK AMERICA IS THE JUDGE. WE GET TO VOTE ON… Eric Thompson with THE CATCH. Francisco Patino with the Dtract Bike Ed Hall with the WordAce Janoush with the Anecia AND HERE ARE THE RESULTS – ANECIA WINS – hands down! At least that’s the way it’s looking based on our own results in the BOOM OR BUST SECTION so make sure to vote. Go ahead and vote if you haven’t already. What are you waiting for?

May 4, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Man, they really edited this

Man, they really edited this one to make you think Doug would pick the PureFlush. I'm glad that in the end, he didn't.

May 4, 2006
by scorpio (not verified)

difficult decision

What an incredibly difficult decision to select a winner. Doug your character is huge and its fun imagining what is going on in your head as you chose a winner in this round. Regarding the final winner, personally not much interested in the football catching device but liked Erics’ demeanor. Wish football was replaced with bowling alleys in public schools to teach the much more valuable lessons of bowling versus the brutal experience of football. Franciscos’ bike would undoubtedly be a big hit in China. Wish we could package and sell Franciscos’ personality and the same goes for Jonoush. If the Anecia infant seat will fit within the envelope of the average car it would be my choice as a winner. By the process of deduction that leaves Ed Halls’ Word Ace as the winner and to get the vote. Still loving the candid display of the individual inventors personalities. Also like the newfound awareness A-I has shared with those around me as they begin to have a greater appreciation of the plight of the small inventor. Showing the individual personalities of the inventors has provided valuable personal insight. How could there not be a second season. I regularly ask anyone who gets within three feet of me if they are watching the show, the most common response is “what day and time is it on“? What happened to the inventor of the dial a brew? Memory of the first auditions showed him going on to the next round yet there didn’t appear to be any sign of him in the final 12.

May 4, 2006
by A. Adams (not verified)


Ok, we can hardly object to the child safety seat making it to the next round - BUT PLEASE -would some company pick up the marketing and distribution of the bathroom door clip! It's so needed. I was planning to buy one for every female family and friend for their Christmas stocking.

May 4, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Unfortunately now you need

Unfortunately now you need to buy a ****load of stuff with it, if it does in fact get marketed as a 'kit'.

May 4, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I Agree: I Want To Buy The Bathroom Safety Kit

Of course, the Anecia infant seat was clearly the best choice to move on to the next round. (Hurray for Doug!) Nevertheless, I was really impressed by the Bathroom Safety Kit (as far as "marketability" is concerned).

Okay--it won't save lives and still needs a few final tweaks (the clip needs to be more "purse friendly" for heavier purses and she needs to experiment a bit more with a wider array of bathroom doors for the "door holder clip" to make it a tad sturdier). Yet, like the author of the post before me, I was gearing up to go on-line and buy dozens and dozens of the darn thing and give one to all of my female friends. As it is, I always travel with a small ziploc bag with baby wipes in my purse. My friends poked fun at me at first, but they ceased laughing once they realized that they have all too frequent occasions to ask me to "borrow one" as they found themselves in a sticky, dirty, or germy situation.

Her pitch was TV ready. I WANT TO BUY THIS! I hope QVC was watching and will sell her (slightly revised) product. She seems like a great woman--and I hope her "kit" still manages to make it to market so that a) I may buy it and b) that she may make a ton of money off of it. She deserves it!

On a side note, as a daughter of a mother with breast cancer, a late mother-in law with lung cancer, a sister of a woman who has suffered from trichotillomania for over 15 years, and the friend of several fire fighters: I am sorry that the Headliner did not advance to the next round.[I say that as a teacher who is usually a shoo-in for anything that has a slight chance of helping my students learn. I, unlike Peter, would not have selected the "game", as much as I see some potential for it--and liked the "inventor".] There is more than enough suffering (emotional and physical) and discomfort involved with the conditions that lead to wig wearing. I hope she also is able to market her product with great success. She should be tremendously proud of herself.

Finally, I could not agree more with the other poster's assessment of both Eric (the football coach) and Francisco. What wonderful people. Although I do not like the bicycle at all (UNSAFE!) and don't care a lick about football, they are thoughtful, creative individuals who have drive, determination, and huge hearts. I wish they could both win based simply on their personal characteristics and potential.

I can only hope that there are smart, thoughtful people out there in a position to recruit all these individuals for positions that will utilize their demonstrated abilities well (and compensate them acordingly!). I wish them all the best.

May 5, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Closing song on 9pm to 10pm EDT airing

At the end of the second show last night they played "Somewhere over the Rainbow" sung by a solo female with an absolutely enchanting voice. Does anybody know who this performer was? I would really like to get this cut. Thanks

May 5, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

That version of "Somewhere

That version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was sung by Eva Cassidy: an outstanding and underappreciated singer who unfortunately passed away a few years ago.

May 5, 2006
by diora (not verified)

Testing of PureFlush

I cannot believe the testing of this toilet was so unconvincing.
First they take a bathroom that has been in use for years
and as far as we know has never been cleaned
as thoroughly as the one they used for testing PureFlush.
Then they thoroughly clean the bathroom with bleach or whatever,
put PureFlush in, and retest it in only 24 hours.
Surprise, surprise - a bathroom cleaned only a day before has
not collected as much bacteria as the one that as far as we know
has never been cleaned in the same way.

Not only that, but you have to close the lid for the PureFlush
to work, but the normal toilet has always been flushed with the lid
opened - as far as we know.

If they were really so sure that PureFlush works, why did they fail
to do something like this:
1. Clean all rooms in a hotel in the same thorough way. Ideally,
choose sufficiently large number of rooms to allow for random
variations between people, but even a few rooms would be better
than what they did.
2. Install PureFlush in half the rooms.
3. Put notices everywhere to keep the lid closed when flushing.
4. Retest in 24 hours. If it is not practical to test in all
rooms, choose a randoom sample of normal and the the same size
sample of PureFlush rooms. Actually, in a few days with only a normal
hotel cleaning in between would be better than in 24 hours,
but they may have been pressed for time.

The way they did it on the show virtually guaranteed that
the bathrooms with PureFlush would be better whether or not
it works. Any bathroom will be better 24 hours after it has
been thoroughly cleaned then after years of use with only normal
cleaning. Doug, if you are reading this, why oh why did you not
comment on that - it made it appear like you bought their test.

I realize that they might not have shown us everything, but surely
they would want to show enough to convince the viewers.

May 5, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The problem with pureflush

The problem with pureflush is that even if you leave the lid up only 1 out of 100 times, you might as well have left it up all 100 times.

May 5, 2006
by Joe (not verified)

This is the PureFlush team with some answers

I'd like to answer some of your blogs about Pureflush and the show. I'm in discussion with the head of these blogs to possibly be on Sunday.
Please understand that editing of American Inventor has created both drama and "illusion". Jen and I are a very upbeat couple but because this show was played for tears and conflict ABC's story editor creates what's asked of them with the footage they have.

The testing of the seat was very fair. The bathroom that was used is cleaned by a loving mother EVERY week. We've tested this many times before over weeks and months to great results but on the show we we're given a 2 day window. Pureflush does work. On the show we had to re-demonstrate that but in a short time. Sorry it couldn't be longer but that's TV. As for my rant with the designers; I believe in us inventors so much that I couldn't allow any company to infringe on other designs/patents. I made this point very clear with the designer. After approx 8 meetings they were still coming back to us with "creative" twists on our Idea that would make the product pretty but not functional. That's the short of it. The design team ended up creating a product that fit within the parameters of our Patent claims (patent has not been published yet, but soon) without loosing the funtionality. Hope this clears a little bit of the air.
Our thanks for watching. I believe in the American Inventor and shows like this are so important. Please go to for info about toilet aerosols, etc. Lots of scientific papers and such.

May 5, 2006
by Cooler Guy (not verified)

Hi Joe

I was very pleased to see that you had made it on to the final 12. I am the cooler guy Solar Polar Rock and Roller. I was so hoping that you would get to the final four so that inventors could be portrayed as sane people. You and Jenny were great fun to know and I wish you the best of luck and will see you at Inpex Hopefully we can have a drink after the show. Take care of yourself and your family as I will do the same.

May 6, 2006
by bottleslingguy
bottleslingguy's picture

The door clip got almost

The door clip got almost twice as many votes as the car seat. And although the football trainer got a lower overall rating score it still had more votes than the toilet seat.

With all due respect to the toilet seat's inventors, (the following is not for the squeemish) maybe we need to be exposed to these vaporized bacteria. The toilet seat could turn out to lower our resistance to these germs, like antibiotics. I'm sure they would be perfect for hospitals and in homes where people have compromised immune systems already, but I really don't see average Joe buying one because of the price.

The car seat could need several more years of testing and design changes to make it smaller and hold the child more securely, so how can we declare something not finished as the winner? I think the bike needs work to make it lighter, more ergonomically user friendly and if possible make the steering independant from the position of the rider on front. You could attach the seat/pedal system to a stationary section of the frame and have the handlebars connected to the forks so they only have to move the front tire and not the rider/seat/pedals.

The spelling game is very risky as far as sales. I thought the door clip was very original (anyone found one yet?) as I did the football trainer, but I think the clip would have a bigger market. I see copycats in the near future.

If the carseat wins does Freemantle have to pay the attorney's fees to fight the possible infringement lawsuit? I agree with what someone else wrote about having three really good products competing against each other before the final round. They should do something like preliminary voting like Idol does. That is a big drawback with this show, it is not live. Not to be rude, but it just doesn't have that "X"Factor as Simon would say.

Something tells me Freemantle doesn't care about promoting any of these in the future. They hold rights to all of those products and should be promoting all of them in some fashion, but I bet they sit on them so the inventors can't take advantage of their popularity at this point. They have to wait a year and there will most likely be copycats by then. That's why I don't understand why people want to wait for another season of the show before exposing their product to the public. Why not take advantage of the attention right now and enter the products in the AIspot Invention Gallery?

I don't get it. Even if I wasn't associated with the show and hadn't had the pleasure of standing in the presence of such innovation gurus as Mr Hall himself, I would pay the fifty bucks and become a Star Invention right here on AIspot. This website is a godsend for inventors. I've had almost a thousand hits to my site in two months already and 99% of them came from right here.

American Inventor Spot is the greatest thing since... I don't know... air?

Please check out my invention at Bottle Sling - Invention Gallery .

May 6, 2006
by bottleslingguy
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Sorry, I clicked twice

Please check out my invention at .

May 6, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Make them compete with each other!

make them compete with each other.. not in a group..
what i think, both pureflush and anecia deserve to be in the final four.
however, they are in the same team, only anecia goes to final four.
i mean come on, what if you assign in a "weak" group?
to be honest WORD ACE is just another product, its not an invention..
go to toys r us, they always have new electronic/education game!

May 7, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

chid safety seat

After watching week #6 I understood why specific inventions were selected. The TV program format allows only 30 days to spend
$50 thousand on development. Even the In-brella design wasn't completed. Any invention
other than something basic and simple such as the sackmaster and training pole seemed to me to be the only inventions that could get a design firm to complete a prototype in 30 days. I was in the L.A. studio with Mr. Liberkowsky and his spherical safety seat. I believe he has a winner but I didn't think there was any way that the engineering could be completed and a prototype that demonstrates safe use could be designed in 30 days. I am surprised he was able to do it, especially for $50 thousand. A prototype and crash test should have been very expensive. Completing both in 30 days is very surprising. I also think if more time could have been spent on the protoype it could have been streamlined. When you look at the final four, 2 have limited marketing potential and the other two have limitations but with further development have real marketability. For me the bicycle and safety seat are both winners. Overall, what was featured on AI were products that can be produced and marketed on the QVC channel, thus limiting the opportunities for many marketable inventions.
See my invention at:

May 10, 2006
by Elissa (not verified)

Didn't Mythbusters bust the toilet myth?

I saw an episode of Mythbusters where they proved that no more fecal bacteria escapes from a toilet flush than what is usually in the air. (the experiment was set up so that 30 or so tooth brushes were placed in a restroom that was used daily by the staff. Every tooth brush was used at least once a day. There was a "control brush" in the kitchen that was also used once a day. The control brush had as much fecal bacteria on it as the ones in the bathroom.) I'm surprised that Doug didn't know that their invention was based on a myth since he seems to know everything else in the world.

I think the car seat is fanstastic and I can't wait to see it on the market!

May 10, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

In response to the

In response to the Mythbusters, I have to seen it, being one of my favorite shows, only 2 of the 30 or so brushes were used that were placed on top of the toilet, the others were put up on the walls, and there was fecal coliform on them, they did not "bust" the myth if you will on the contrary it proved the opposite.

May 10, 2006
by Letty (not verified)


I wasn't to interested in the Flushpure but the designer(with the hat) that got into an argument with Joseph was down right hot.