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Mar 16, 2006
by Think Outside T...
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Opens with usual America's greatest inventions stuff. The search teaser, much like the commercials.

Then introduces the judges. Check out the links on the left side to find out a bit more.

Here it goes.

The prize, one million dollars. Who has what it takes?

The set up: Hope passion, the American dream.

Peter jones, England has created a half billion empire - he's looking for the product that will sell by the millions.

Doug hall - he's created 18 products or services that are in every home in America.
(I'm looking around my bed room strangely after I hear this.)

He wants to reignite the spirit of invention and feels this show can do it or in 5 years everythings going to be outsourced.

He want's to: 1. Find something that is innovative. 2. Find something nobody has thought of before. (so quick fixes or stupid tweaks aren't going to cut it,)

I think Mary said she wants to find something that makes life better. (a noble cause - so I doubt a "pet rock" like invention will make it to the end. good thing.)


Mar 16, 2006
by Think Outside T...
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I'm not going to go into detail about this, BUT I will note that I was in the NY Auditions. That's right, now you know. Not going to tell you which invention was mine.

And guess who auditioned right before me? This guy. The guy who opened the entire show. Which I hope doesn't reflect where the show is going as a whole. (I don't think it will.)

Hector Ortega – dentist.
Like I said, he was just before me in my audition. He kept his invention WAY underwraps. Real nice guy. We chatted it up just a bit before he went in. He was first of the 5 of us in the NY auditions. (The pre-auditions if you're watching the show. You see, they picked some people to head to LA and make it seem like they were in their host audition city. No biggie. It's hollywood.)


We each had 2 minutes to audition. If it was good, you maybe got 4 minutes. Poor Hector was out in about a minute and a half. Not happy looking. So I wonder how he made it to audition #2. Maybe, just maybe because his idea was, well, just a bit off kilter and they thought it would make good TV. Here's his invention.

The bladder buddy.

What do you do when you have to go number one, but there’s no where to go. Whip out a floor to neck cape-like bodybag that zips up around you, and then you can pee into a bag that is housed in the inside lining.

Yeah, I know. We all do. Just a bit... left of center.

Doug said: He'd seen thousands of inventions. But nothing that ever approached this. Then he said: No. no. no. no. no.


He came out of the audition depressed. And I had a sour taste in my mouth, having met Hector, been a few spots behind him before my audition, and suddenly realizing while watching this that some people were definitely set up.

Ok... now a just quick stuff.
Alan Norsworthy - guitar player.

Moved the amp plug from the front to side - so it won't pull out any more. BUST.

James Barry, 43

Inventor of The Walk Buddy – great idea, especially for women

It's an ultrasonic wand to ward off bears and mountain lions or dogs or thieves. It's a wand. Judges said it was a stick. It looked like a stick. Oh well. BUST.

Sock thing. BUST.

Boot holder. BUST

Arm shades which resembled sleeves. BUST

Mark Martinez – handyman 43

Had a dream, that he rapped. idea came from el nino
Invention is called the Sac master 2000.

The second I saw this I said, genius. Here's the thing. I may not be an expert inventor, but similar to Ed E. I'm in advertising. I'm a Creative Director at a global ad agency. I know a good idea when I see it.
This idea, is awesome. Army core of engineers need this. Every town with a river that floods, needs this. I hope this guy makes a fortune. And if he doesn't make it to the final round, I hope someone reading this tracks him down and helps him out. The world needs his product.

He sold his house. But his family loves it and is there by his side.

Ed – yes 100 times.
Peter – no

The world we’re living in. we need help. Mary. yes.

He moves on to the next round. Yeah. BOOM!

John Tang – animal wrangler

Inventor of the Space beetle utopia - it's a beetle farm/habitrail. BUST.

Jimmy bed. Didn't get more than the quick interview. BUST. (sorry guys - but you made it further than some of us)

Francisco Patino, 18

Handlebar double rider bike.

Peter said: you'd need to buy a completely new bike to make this work. It's not an add on. Not realisticly marketable. NO.

The other judges said yes. My opinion, he needs to figure out a way to make it an add on - Peter was right. If he does, he could make lots more money. But he made it anyway. So... BOOM!

Kathy Jacobs – edible snowglobes. Check out our Inventors Gallery - she's one of us. She's in there. Way to go.

Edible snow globe kits. A simple do it yourself yummy treat, that looks like a snowglobe. Genius in my opinion. Huge as a do-it-yourselfer, but ALSO if she were to go big and have someone else make them, I'd buy them just because they're cool. My wife loved this one. My kids would dig it.

She got a big hug from doug. And Peter.

Peter said: a product that’s sells a lot and is consumed. That's what he's looking for. He's right.

Mary said: – two trends, baking and crafts all rolled up into one. Yes.


Evan Lowenstein – musician

It’s all about The Bowl - it's a two layer bowl so if you're eating nuts the nuts are on the top layer and you can stick the shells in the under layer. 5 guys sing something... quick presentation. I think the personality is what got them to the next round. Doug said NO.
BOOM! they move on. If they make it past the next round... well, who am I to judge.

Jerry Wesley – 51, Corrections officer - real passionate

Easy EX? workout to go. Uses tension bands in a novel way. But that's not the real seller in my opinion. He's got a cool locking mechanism that's unique to barbells.

Lots of energy, passion. A genuine nice guy. I liked him.

Doug said it had the gadget factor - and that's not a great thing.

This guy spent close to 100,000 dollars. Peter and Doug got to hold this new barbell mechanism, guess who moved on. BOOM! Way to go nice guy.

Stay tuned for hour Two.

And photos to come soon hopefully. Check in the Boom or Bust gallery.

Mar 16, 2006
by Think Outside T...
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First off... if Paul K. is out there, I saw you in the opening sequence. Don't want to say my real name, but, it's your old paintball buddy from 777 - the guy who organized it. 37th floor. Glad to see you're not in Iraq. That should be enough.


Hour two.

George Brown 68 – design engineer

Smoke gun used in the food seasoning process.
Smoke – all over the studio. Funny. BUST.


Quick cuts of:
A new diaper bag –yes

Chess on steroid. Yes.

Ann Brazil – mom – 48

Child is mildy retarded and the inspiration for her invention.
At graduation, they had him stand up for the character award.

She invented a social skills product – it teaches kids right from wrong, packaged it in a DVD. A real feel good idea that could go somewhere. Very polished, almost too finished.

Ed says yes.
Mary – no (Thinks it's great but she’s already there. Doesn't need the show.)

Doug thinks there’s something even bigger than where she is now. yes.
Peter – no

Havock breaks out. Doug’s pissed. Mary dinged Ann because the product was there just for PR. It was too far along. Ann even said she needed the PR. Bad move.

Apparently, Mary said it was something they discussed before hand. They wouldn’t move people forward just for PR.

Doug said she doesn’t get it because she doesn’t have kids. Huge tention. A bleap or two.

Doug could see behind the PR that she really could have stepped the idea up and it’s something the world needs.

Let’s hope someone finds Ann and doesn’t steal her idea. I better not see Baby Einstein do something like this.

No luck. BUST.

Lot’s of toilet products. Lot’s.

The quick cut of the guy where the stuff sprays out of the toilet, saw him in NYC. He was chatting it up lots. Got taped.

Douglas Hall, 47 Commercial banker

If you suffer from Hemrohoids you need - FRESH END. It enables you to end fresh.
(That's right. You heard it.)

The invention was a toilet dispenser built into the toilet paper roll. Some sort of lubricant would go in the dispenser and then squirt on the toilet paper and then... well FRESH END. Ahh... Now doesn't that feel good.

Ed yes.
Mary. No.
Doug. Yes.
Peter. No.

Felt like a set up.

Kimberly Stevens, , 42 Therapist

Tizzy Tube – theraputic device – filled with air so kids can throw a tantrum. It’s like a balloon bumper car around the kid to let kids take out their aggression and avoid a tantrum. Or at least I think that's what she was saying. It wasn't perfectly clear.

Ever see those big blow up sumo outfits at fairs or at the Jersey Shore (sorry West Coast), it’s a strange version of that.

No from everyone! BUST!

Mary’s terrified for what this woman did with the kids. Come on, it wasn’t that bad. Oh well…

I don’t think it’s therapeutic, but I think it would be great at kids parties. Or at college keggers.

Mary called it a “smother machine”. It wasn’t. She was mean.

Dwight sloan, 48, small business owner

Solar powered cooler, It runs for free. Free energy cooler. You can even plug your cellphone in it. If this guy can make it work well… it could be HUGE.

It’s going to take work. But has the potential of being great. Add a hand crank, like the Raygen flashlights and radios, and it's even better. How about a mechanism that when you pull the cooler as the wheels turn it recharges.

Ed. yes.
Peter yes.
Doug. No. Not marketable.
Mary. Yes.

Interesting insight… did you all catch it.
Mary said these were the criteria they were evaluating things by…

First the invention had to be innovative. Second, the money that’s part of this could take it to another level. And third,
the person could make this happen - as a leader.

I'm going to keep this in the back of my mind and see if these are consistent when voting.

Josie Dale 53, LA,
The Beddie Pouch.
She spent $12,000 on a product that the judges said... already exsists. Doug said: It’s on my bed at home.

Then why did they bring her to LA. Just to make a point. Good TV. I guess it’s a necessary evil, but man, it sucks. Hopefully, someone out there learns a lesson.

Apparently, she called an 800# to bring her invention to life. She got robbed. She got a book from some invention scam company and that's it.

No vote. BUST.

Wingdipper. Especially designed cups for wing dipping. Saw them in NY in costumes. Actually not a horrible idea, just not good for this show. Need to sell to a Sysco or something. Or license to a franchise to have a unique dipper in all their restaurants.

Tim Le 32 – Engineer

Wizard of Oz costumes – to get noticed.

Invention - The hook and pull. It’s an easier branch cutter, or so he says.

Doug – NO
Ed – yes
Peter – no
Mary – yes

BOOM - on he goes to round 2.

Kyle Myrha - 14, student

The doggie air conditioner – so the dog could stay in the car.
Roll down the window, put the fan like object in the window to cool down the car. Or the dog house. Or the horse trailer.

Brilliant kid. He said they need a kid for TV, so pick me. Great attitude.

Couldn't shake hands, they were burned from soddering. Huge personality. And… he thinks on his feet with good answers.

Doug, very honest. No.
Peter. No
Mary. Yes.
Ed. Yes.

I bet we see him next year.
Kid said: “I’m going to come back and work even harder on it just to shove it in their face.”

Doug comes out to talk to him, personally. I think this kid’s going places. "keep inventing" if you're out there reading this. And I hope he inspires other kids, and adults alike.

I agree with the judges though. No matter what, it’s not a good idea to keep a dog in a hot car, even with a fan. But the basic idea, might be repurposed for other things. Add solar power and it could be cool for tents for camping or something. Who knows?

That was it for Episode 1, hour two. Ok... Dig in.

What was your favorite invention? What did you think of the judges. Who was cool? Who wasn't? How would you improve the things you saw? Who's going to make it all the way? Is your idea better than those on the show? Do you feel a little better know seeing a few of the good ideas. I know one or two I thought were great.

Go to Boom or Bust and vote. There should be knew stuff soon. Keep coming back all week. And spread the word about this site.

I put a call into a few HUGE radio stations. We're waiting to hear. Hopefully, someone out there is reading this. Howard? Gary?

Mar 16, 2006
by Aries

Just my opinion

the bowl - hated it. ok, i did not hate it. but i did not think it should have moved on. don't really think it was a mind blowing idea. i think doug dinged it. i'm with doug on that one. i think that the other judges are hooked on presentation and will often pass someone through with mediocre idea and good presentation. just my opinion.

loved the edible snow globe ... my kids would not let me walk out of the store without that one.

loved the sand shovel. and the guy could not have come off nicer.

loved the solar cooler. i thought this one was the most brilliant. although i think it needs work. portable solar power. brillant (have to repeat myself on this one). this is good for people that are environmentalist and people who are very cautious.

portable work out equipment - did not love the idea but really appreciated the lock mechanism. so simple and so practical but no one else thought of it before so kudos to that guy. also, came off as a really nice guy.

the 14 year old kid. good job doug and peter in not letting that one get through. no one is saying that the kid is not a genius but it seems that he was too young (did not have the experience) to know that some people would think that the idea of putting your dog in a really hot car is not a good idea.

the tizzy woman. they were so mean to her. mary - that was a low blow. i think that the idea was not mean. my understanding was that you don't put the kids in it while they are having a break down but you have it there for when they want to let the energy out. that was my take on it. the problem was that she did not articulate that. all peter, mary and ed heard was cage. it was not a cage. it was kind of like a rubber room for the kids to bounce off the wall. how many of us haven't dreamed of having a rubber room so the kids could bounce off the walls and know that your child could never get hurt. i think that was her goal.

the losers. so sad. can anyone say denial. its kind of like watching the first few episodes of American Idol. It really is painful for the singers to realize that they can't sing. Don't any of these people have friends that will tell them straight up that their invention sucks? disclaimer - i am only talking about 90% of those inventors that were previewed on AI and were dinged.

Mar 16, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


Those judges are the biggest idiots I've ever seen!! The lady with the Tizzy Tube? She wasn't imprisoning the kids in it!! She was "allowing" them to "use" them to take out their aggression! Man, they couldn't be any stupider!! When she said "you put them in there" she didn't mean that she hunts them down, captures them and then seals them inside! I can't get over how stupid they are!! The lady lets her kids play with toys when they've been bad and they accuse her of torture! MOOOROOOONS!!!

Mar 16, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Hello from the snow globe

Hello from the snow globe lady.....Don't give up on yur dreams!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 17, 2006
by Yumyum (not verified)

Nice update on the show. I

Nice update on the show.

I thought the idea of the dog fan was actually a great one.
I think the judges got carried away with presentation. Frankly, I thought the female judge was a sap.

Mar 17, 2006
by Dee (not verified)

I was amazed and totally

I was amazed and totally dissapointed that the judges did not all say yes to that poor kid's doggy cooling invention. Such a device could be used for so many other things! Those who have older vechicles without air or whose air cond. is broke... even for bigger trucks who don't have air cond. Like dump trucks or enclosed forklifts, etc. That male judge with the glasses was just plain cruel! I really hope that someone out there gives this bright kid the chance he deserves.

Mar 17, 2006
by Yum Yum (not verified)

I totally agree with the dog

I totally agree with the dog cooler. I loved the idea. I thought the judges were clueless.

I respected Simon on American Idol. I don't really get the Doug "Simon Wannabe" guy at all.

Mar 17, 2006
by LeeLee (not verified)


Watch out for frauds on this show just looking for PR and free advertising. The lady with the TimeOut Tot....Look on the internet. She's established and has been for several years. This product is not new and is certainly not innovative. Kudos to the judges who actually realized this was not an INVENTION. She just simply wanted free advertising. Well, she got it.

Mar 17, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Doggie cooler idea

This basic product has been out for a long time. Remember the fan you hook inside the edge of the window so the car is cooler when you get in?

It's a new twist on an old idea. But I think it was dinged because it could literally be deadly to the dog. If it malfunctions, whatever. People become to reliant on things to work, and when they don't work, well... it's just not a good idea to keep your dog in a car in the heat.

Mar 28, 2006
by Kim Lane (not verified)

Tizzy Tube

I have a 13 y/o son with brain damage and a temper problem. He has no ability to control his anger. We have to use bean bags to "smoosh" him when he's out of control. I told his doctor about the tizzy tube and it would be great for parents who have special needs children with the violent outbursts to help keep them and everyone around them be safe. If there's any way to contact the inventor about getting one, I would love to know.

Apr 14, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

sackmaster 2000

Dont be fooled by boxy imitations ! The Sackmaster2000 is the original Patented One man One scoop sandbag shovel. The go- bagger is a cheap copy of the sackmaster. The sackmaster is far more superior, you cant put a round bag on a square box. The go-bagger is infringing on the Sackmaster 2000 patent and will most likely see themselves in court.