American Inventor Finale Results - The Million Dollar Winner and Full Recap!


OK... now for the MILLION DOLLAR FINALE complete recap. Each of the 4 Finalists come out with their mentors to a LIVE crowd and lots of cheers. MILLIONS VOTED FROM ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

First up, Erik Thompson. Live feed from Detroit, MI with the Mayor. They want to give Eric the key to the city when he gets back. TEAM THOMPSON IS THERE – THEY CALL HIM “COACH E”

Next… Francisco. Back East at Queens College there’s one of his friends (Mamon) is their with tons of others. Family, friends, students… all cheer good luck to Francisco.

Matt moves on to Ed Hall. Back in Chicago, Odell his friend is there with hundreds of others. Live in Forest Hill, IL – he’s got Ed’s entire support group. Matt asks Odell… who IS Ed Hall. Odel says… Ed is a genuinely beautiful human being, a true role model to the youth all over the globe, a man chiseled in determination and perserverance and he is the one who deserves to be the first American Inventor. Ed says he feels like he has the world behind him.

Matt moves on to Janusz. He has a whole bunch of people back in Los Gatos, CA. His friend Janusz, says he’s going to win the money. His English isn’t so good, but he says Janusz is the number one American Inventor. Janusz says he is ready for America’s verdict. They do a little mini-recap.

Matt asks Mary Lou about her emotions this past week. Peter says the journey has been amazing. He’s proud to have brought the show to America. And all four finalists are winners.

Now they move on to the first elimination. Matt asks them all to move up in line, next to him. Two inventors on each side of him. He says one grouping is definitely safe. On his left Janusz and Erik. On his right Ed and Francisco. Janusz and Erik… are safe.

Matt then goes on to say… the first person to be eliminated from American Inventor is… (Guess what… we’re not telling you until after the break.) Ed – Inventor of the Word Ace. Francisco – Inventor of the D-Tract 2x2 bike. One of them received the lowest amount of votes. The first finalist leaving the competition is… Francisco Patino. Ed is safe. For now. Matt talks with Francisco. They do a little recap of his time on the show. They play the song: “Hero” He’s the youngest of the inventors, he has inspired everyone, and when asked how he feels, he feels grateful. Mary Lou cries as she says that the people love him and his dad loves him the most. STEVE BAUMAN OF Trek Bikes comes out to meet Francisco – and he offers him a product development internship. What they're going to do is for several months he'll have access to use Trek’s world class tools and technology to bring his invention one step closer to reality. But wait… that’s not all. It’s Lance Armstrong with a very special message. He’s there to wish Francisco good luck with his invention and internship at Trek. (Lance is sponsored by Trek on his shirt) Well, America… there are 3 finalists left. (Ok Matt. We got that.) Commercial break.

Ok… they’re back. Matt says... the next person to be eliminated from American Inventor is… Erik Thompson. Ed Evangelista looks surprised. Music kicks in during his recap – “because you loved me” Erik says he made it. He made it for every blue collar Joe who is trying to break away. He made it. Ed E says he’s not a factory worker, he’s an American Inventor. He says he’s honored to know him and he’s going to push on to do great things. Erik says he’d like to thank God up above for getting him there. And to Ed, from a New Yorker to a Detroiter, you’re alright in my book.

But wait… look who’s here. JERRY RICE. The greatest receiver in the history of the NFL, hall of famer and 3 time Superbowl winner. Big hugs. Erik is way psyched. He says… this is the man. This is the man. JERRY says to Erik – I applaud you. His father was a brick layer, and he learned to catch bricks that way. And THE CATCH is much safer than catching bricks. And he'll do whatever he can to help him bring the product to market. Erik says… the hell with the money, he’s got Jerry Rice.

Now it’s down to Eric Hall (WORD ACE) and Janusz Liberkowski, (ANECIA SAFETY CAPSULE) Now a recap of the judges experience on the show. Lot’s of cuts. Mary Lou says her favorite part of the show was the stories. The heart and soul of the inventors. Peter says he’ll miss the 78 year old woman. And the wackiness. And the seriousness. It’s been an amazing journey, and it sounds a bit sick, but America is the home of innovation and he quite likes America. Doug says he’s a big kid. He got to play with all these wicked cool inventions. And he says let’s face it, inventing is a fine line between genius and stupidity, and we got to see both of them, but it’s the spirit of invention and it’s alive here in AMERICA. As he turns to Peter. Matt asks if he really did all that stuff. And Doug says absolutely. Ed says it was a lot of fun. He had a ball. And he thinks. The people. The inventions. The characters. The stories. The wack jobs. The dreams. The heart aches. And the fact that America will have a chance to come back next year and do it again. He’s really excited about that.

The time has come… they show the Janusz recap. They play “somewhere over the rainbow” They ask Janusz how it feels to see the recap. Janusz says his heart is with his invention right now, and the kids need it.

Ed’s recap. “They play the song – “flying without wings.” Matt asks Ed how he feels. He says, it’s truly amazing. He’s been inspired by the very core of what makes everything possible. The kids. They tell people to go to if they want to be on the show. They check in with Odel in Chicago. They check in with Janusz (two) to see how things are. Drama… pause…

The winner is Janusz Liberkowski and the Anecia Safety Capsule! BOOM! The crowd goes crazy.

Matt says we’re not done yet. From Hazbro games, VP of research and development Mike Hirtle. His job is to travel around the world to find great games. He sees about 1600 games a year. He’s been watching this show, he likes everything he’s done. Wants to bring him to the headquarters and see how to bring WORDACE into the marketplace. Ed says… he can’t beat it. Thank you to everybody. Peter says he has enjoyed every minute of it. And even if Hasbro hadn’t come forward, Peter would have come forward to make sure it would have gotten on the shelves.

Now Janusz. Not only has he won the MILLION DOLLARS AND THE TITLE BUT… The CEO of the EVENFLO company is here to talk to him. He says that they are inspired by his invention - the Anecia Safety Capsule - and committing all their best in class resources to help him perfect his invention. Janusz is very, very happy. He thinks all of America are winners. Matt hands out the ONE MILLION DOLLAR CHECK. THE CONFETTI FLIES. AND GUESS WHAT… the AMERICANINVENTORSPOT.COM BOOM OR BUST voting was right. We had Janusz winning it all.

* * * * Remember that this Sunday at 9pm EST, we are going to have many of the Final 12 here to discuss the show and answer your questions. So make sure to check in for that. Also, just because American Inventor show is finished does not mean we are. We've got some great stuff coming over the summer, please come back and join us as we continue to build the BEST site for inventors and innovators on the web.

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Being Wacky

Being Wacky

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There is such thing as

There is such thing as paragraphs. I honestly didn't bother reading anything because the whole article consisted of one paragraph.