American Inventor Judge DOUG HALL BLOGGED LIVE! - Anecia Car Seat Survival Capsule – Q&A

doughallphotoMy choice for the final four is The Anecia Survival Capsule. It’s the invention of Janusz Liberkowski This invention is a true “new to the world” concept. As such it has generated a lot of technical debate and discussion. I do not presume to know all of the answers. However the following are my personal perceptions and opinions. They are not the opinions of Janusz, Freemantle, the producers, ABC or anyone else.

1. How does the Anecia Survivor Capsule work?

When a car crashes there are two collisions. The first is when the car hits the other car or obstacle. The second is when the baby hits the seat belt or when the baby’s head get’s shaken and snapped in the direction of the impact, at the same speed that the car was going before the crash. In general, the most severe injuries including fatalities are to the head. The whipping action of the child’s head, and the forces on the head and neck structure during any impact are the main cause of the children fatality.

In the crash test that was run it was calculated that at 30 miles an hour the force on the baby’s neck is 74 lbs for a classic car seat and just 8 lbs for the Anecia Surival Capsule. At 60 miles an hour the force on the baby’s neck is 147 lbs for a classic car seat and just 9 lbs for the Anecia Surival Capsule.

Classic car seats are designed to try and “hold” the child. With no ability to "hold" the child’s head. With a classic rear facing seat this works if the crash is directly from the front and the seat is on very, very tight. In this case the seat (and safety belts) absorbs the impact against the child’s back. The child’s back, in this case, is supported under small angle to the impact vector force. The head of a child (after impact) is in motion (with big energy) "up hill" of this angle. This motion causes loadings on the child’s delicate neck structure.

Alternatively, Anecia Survival Capsule by positioning the child vertically, supports the head, absorbs the energy of the impact and lowers tremendously chance of injury or death.

Research indicates that – 75% of the time parents do not put their babies in the seats properly i.e. the seat not tight enough into the car and the straps not tight enough on the baby. The result is a second collision that can cause massive damage. In the case of an accident that is from any angle other then directly from the front – the child and in particular the child’s head – becomes a bouncing ping pong ball. The Anecia Survival Capsule protects the baby from crashes from all directions. When the force hits the baby instantly shifts. The force is absorbed, as the baby is rotated perpendicular to the impact force. And, most importantly, if the car spins, bounces or is hit more than once the seat automatically adapts in less than .005 seconds to align the baby and protect the baby. No matter what direction the hit is from the baby’s head and neck are always supported.

2. How do we know that it will really work?

We have had a USC PhD Biomedical scientist and an expert with Masters in Physics and Computer Science model the seat’s physics on a theoretical basis relative to the dynamics of a baby’s body. They concluded that the theory is sound. In particular they found that the speed of reaction in a crash is fast enough to protect the baby from the damaging forces that can be caused by the sudden jolts. The experimental results detailed earlier confirmed the findings.

3. Is the Anecia Survival Capsule too big?

The Anecia is not as big as it looks when they do close ups on TV. It’s only about 20% larger than a classic baby seat. It looks big because of the protective sides and the fact that the baby is lying down instead of being propped up. The seat is actually a series of pieces – the base unit is attached to the existing seat belt system. The dome capsule snaps into that. The cradle for the baby is removable – making it easy to lift the baby in and out – and to attach to an optional stroller frame. The Capsule is the size it is to insure Maximum Safety. It could easily be made smaller – however the current design PROTECTS THE ENTIRE FOOTPRINT – so to insure that in the event of a crash there is nothing to stop rotation and cause sudden jolts or impacts. The ultimate design of the seat will fit 95% of the cars registered in the USA. It’s anticipated that the first generation of seats will be for infants up to 7 months of age. This is the age when it is most important to protect the delicate head and neck of infants.

4. What will it cost?

Current deluxe infant seats cost about $250. It’s estimated that The Anecia will be about $295. Given the short time that the seat is used (up to age 7 months) – a marketing strategy is being looked at to build a special version for use as a rental. Parents could rent the Anecia for the 7 months – saving money and peace of mind.

5. What about this product called "the SafetyEgg" isn’t it the same thing?

The egg uses the same dynamics of dissipating momentum as Anecia. However, in my opinion it falls short as it only protects in two dimensions – front to back and side to side. This is fine if your accident is a direct hit from these directions – AND if the car doesn’t SPIN when it’s hit. While I’ve never been in a crash in the Safety Egg – I think that it would be like the feeling when on a roller coaster and the direction is suddenly changed – as the seat went from one direction to the next the shock on the body could be tremendous. The SafetyEgg movement is limited by the sets of two perpendicular hinges. The Anecia Survival Capsule is free floating hemisphere seat inside of the hemisphere protecting shell. The beauty of Anecia is that it works in 360 degrees – with no limitations. No matter what direction the car is hit from, or how the car spins the seat will dissipate the force of the collision. IN ADDITION – the SafetyEgg’s smaller size increases the potential for danger i.e. if the seat were to get caught or hit something as it spun the benefits of the seat would be compromised. Alternatively, the Anecia protects the footprint creating a complete safety zone.

May 7, 2006
by Joe and Jenny Safuto (not verified)

Please e-mail us any questions. Joe and Jenny Pureflush

This site is the best. Great to have inventors talking shop with inventors. This is the year of the INVENTOR.
Please e-mail us if you have questions about pureflush or the AI experience.
Stay well.
Joe and Jenny Safuto

May 7, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

tha's what I'm talking about Eric

Eric, I'm wishing you all the best! I really enjoyed our
chats about life . You take that passion into
everything you do. You can't teach it as we both know as
coaches, you just have to have it. Sheryl has my contact info.
You did a great job at bring your invention to fruition as well
as repersenting yourself as a strong father. You have my vote!

May 7, 2006
by bygeorge1 (not verified)

the, 4

just wanted to say congradulations to the 4 of you that have made it to the finals, it's been months since I did an original audition and I was at least part of trying to get to where you are, but oh well, continue on your quest and good luck to you all,

PS, I'm still not going to buy any of these Inventions, lol

May 7, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

As to the server crashing...

Just a comment with the format of the chat. You have a bunch of people refreshing the current page constantly which can put undue load on the server and greatly increase bandwidth usage.

You could reduce this some by having fewer comments visible on the 'live chat' page (perhaps 10 instead of 50), and also by leaning down the page by removing some of the other stuff where the chat is being held (headers, side ads, etc. - having just the messages would be ideal for chats and keep the cost of it to a minimum)

May 7, 2006
by Michelle
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We just got a paypal account set up if any of you feel inspired to help pay for the hosting upgrade charges. Even with site optimization, we are still going to have to upfgrade as we have plan for more improvements to the please help by making a donation.

May 8, 2006
by Michelle
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We are going to try to have as many of you as possible to be guest bloggers on on Sunday night, May 20th at 9pm EST (the Sunday after the Grand Finale). We think it will be a really fun and interesting event.

Since the system crashed, we could not ask on line yesterday.

If you like the idea and can make it, could you please CONTACT US to let us know so we can get the word out and get coordinated?

We were also thinking of one for the FINAL 50, to give advice to future auditioners if there is another show. If there is any interest in that, please also drop us a line.



May 8, 2006
by charley (not verified)

Word ace is not a invention,

Word ace is not a invention, Doug hall is the only judge
with the first hand knowlege of what it takes to try
and solve the inventors problems.

May 8, 2006
by Rob G (not verified)


Hi all,
Just a quick hello from the land downunder (Australia) Im watching AI via channel Bit Torrent and and would just like to pass this comment.
My partner has recently become pregnant with our first child and we believe this should be the winning invention as it is the only invention that has the capability of saving lives.
Janusz, your story touched our hearts and are at least glad something has come of your tragedy.

We will be hoping to be able to purchase one of these seats for our young one in 8 months time.. If it is available by then. The only problem would be it would also have to pass Australian standards.
Doug, could you please look into making sure it will meet safety design standards for other countries as well as the US.

May 8, 2006
by Paul (not verified)

Jenny+Joe: Keep up the good

Jenny+Joe: Keep up the good work,I'm very proud to say
I know both of you, the hard work and long hours WILL
pay off.

May 8, 2006
by Kathy (not verified)

The Niya & Friends invention

I have to say that I really was upset to see the Niya invention go.
As a African American mother of 2, I always look for teaching tools for my children and always get disappointed by what I find. Many people asked how the Niya doll is an invention and didn't take into consideration that it is the ONLY multi-cultural doll that speaks 3 languages. How is that NOT an invention. Those contestants did not INVENT bikes, or unbrellas, or word games, or car seats, but they saw something that could be improved upon and did a great job in filling the gap! I can't wait until the Niya & Friends project becomes available to the public because I know thousands of people who would be relieved to find a doll that looks like them, talks like them and loves the same way they do. Niya is going to be HUGE!!! QUESTION: Doug, what did you think of the Niya Doll?

May 8, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


I am sure you guys must have enough money by now to pay for the site. I am sure you also know that by having a lot of traffic on your site you will get a lot of interest from advertisers that is willing to pay a higher advertising fees to be on your site. Whenj you run a website like this one, it is like running a business therefore you must know and accept that there will be costs associated in the beginning and then eventually you will break even then making profit. Just curious that if you can't afford to run this site or keep up with this site, will you turn in over to me and I will be glad to pay for everything to full capacity so my viewers don't have to go through the shut-down of the site. Hang in there I am sure you know you got a good thing going if another season of AI starts, this site will rock and by then you will be raking in the dough, kachin, kachin $$$$$$

I can tell you one thing that is this site is better then site. That site is not updated as often with latest info about AI and the guy Mark seemed pretty stuck-up as only leaves what he wants to see and deletes everything that he doesn't want to read.

For example, I announced the blogging live with Doug Hall last Friday on his site just to make sure everyone will log on with Doug this Sunday then couple hours later I came back and saw my announcement was deleted. I sent another one and again got deleted it. I then sent another one and finally he said he will put the Americaninventorspot logo on his front page for the announcement.

That is all the news I have today folks, have a good day and keep inventing. Let all of us write to ABC and the producers including to Doug letting them know that:


May 8, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I agree...Niya and friends

I agree...Niya and friends are the next doll craze! I predict that the line will sell millions. Ed's comment was off. A doll? He didn't say that about the bike inventor. His hesitation makes me wonder if he had ever heard of the "American Girl" phenomenon. Niya and friends are so much more...they are a global icon! As a mother who has adopted children from other countries, I say that it's about time that we had a doll line that is culturally inclusive. We can all learn from Niya and her friends!

May 8, 2006
by INVENTOR WANNABE (MTD) (not verified)



I have been reading all of your replies to all the questions that we all have and because of your time and honesty with your answers, I got a better respected view of who you are. Thank you again for your time and effort in changing some of the formats to make season two a better show.

I totally agree with you that America should start voting on the final 12 this way we can get viewers more involved in the process and watch the show. This current format does not allow America to really be involved in the voting process until the last episode therfore the rating of the show hasn't got an impressive rating yet. I am sure if the format is changed to voting starting the final 12, ABC will receive a different outcome as friends, co-worker, family members will start voting and cheering for their love one and ultimately this will lead to a higher rating.

Doug, please tell Peter Jones, and ABC producers to change this format and give AI another shot of success by having a second season. Hopefully by now ABC knows what needs changing to make it a better show next season. America is catching on with this show and the momentum is catching on. After all this country is built with great inventors with great inventions that allow us to have a comfortable life, great technological advancement in the world, and the American spirit to back up these inventors and their innovation. I know you have the voice in this whole process as you know Peter adn the ABC producers therefore please make the effort of educating them the potential of this show that is America Inventor that is what this country stands for, "innovation."

We all count on you to keep this spirit alive. Please have another season to make a difference in these inventors' lives. We all thank you for your time, effort, and support for these past two live caht that answers a lot of our questions.




May 8, 2006
by Darla (not verified)

An opportunity of a lifetime!

Hey (AI) twelve,

So this is the new hangout? I've missed all of you! It's really been incredible...the feedback, the support, the love from the viewing audience is simply amazing. I know you all have been bombarded with people wanting to know where and when can they purchase the inventions...and how they've been inspired by something that was said or seen on the show. Simon and the producers gave us an opportunity of a lifetime. Think about it, how many people get a chance to work on their dream 24-7, with the best mentors, best experts in the industry, best design teams, support, second-to-none. 12 passionate inventors! WoW! Doug, I have an idea, why don't you host an AI(12) reunion at Eureka Ranch? This group is a riot and we have plenty of fun. Doug,thanks for the vote of confidence...I have big respect for you and will cherish your words.To Simon and all of the producers, the judges: Mary Lou, Peter, Ed, Doug; the staff and crew, thanks for all of the magical moments, I am now living my dream.

May 8, 2006
by bottleslingguy
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May 9, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

To the person voting for

To the person voting for word ace? They have individual hand held fully electronic learners-word ace is not (needs paper and pencils or crayons). Kids will not gruop together to learn, but only in school!

May 9, 2006
by Ima Landers (not verified)

Dah, Darla.........tacky, dowdy, dah again

Did you just ask Doug to be a host? Why don't YOU invite all 12 or whatever to your place?????

Hello. Dah. Where is your Miss Manners book?

May 9, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

In all fairness, a huge

In all fairness, a huge multi-acre ranch would be a way cooler place for a party than a single family home or apartment, don't you think?

May 9, 2006
by Ima Landers (not verified)

"In all fairness", that's not the point

In all fairness, it is proper for a host to invite the people of his/her choice, not for people to ask someone to BE A HOST!! The Plaza Hotel would be "cool", too, but not without an invitation or reservation.

Being uncouth is uncool.

May 10, 2006
by Furious George (not verified)

Mary Lou

How many people were completely frustrated with Mary Lou and the way she completely freaked out on the inventor of that lingerie bow? Sure it is risque, but it seems like a good idea to me, both men and women would be interested in buying it (men for their wives and girlfriends I hope). She never gave the invention any credit and just looked at it as nudity and therefore obscene. After this she had no credibility as an unbiased judge in my eyes. I also feel that the men of the show should have stood up for the invention despite her outburst, I feel like maybe they didn't want ot face her wrath and scorn. That was my take on that whole scene, it probably was not top 12 worthy, but seemed at least top 50 worthy. The show deserves a female perspective but Mary Lou is not it, she never contributed anything to the show.