American Inventor Recap - Did You Cry as Many Times as Mary Lou Boo Hoo?


Were you drowning in all the tears? I actually thought this Third Show for American Inventor was much better than the first two. What did you think?

I meant to count how many times Mary Lou came to tears or close to tears but was too distracted chomping on my dinner and burning my mouth (worked late). Did anyone get an actual count? Did anyone cry? Who did you feel moved by? The Help I Am Drowning Drown Plug is a new Wacky Products and you can BUY IT HERE.

Please go check out the Wacky Products Gallery as we are adding to it...although work has kept me from doing as much as I wanted. I'll try to do a bunch more this weekend so come check in again. For the less wacky but much cooler inventions of our fellow inventors, also make sure to check out our Invention Gallery. The Cup Holder Plate and alot of the other inventions shown on the show this week were featured here first!

Mar 31, 2006
by Noahnoah (not verified)

Open Auditions?

OK now let us be serious. I haven't seen one good idea, in terms of 'THE NEXT BIG IDEA'. All the products fall into what I would call 'spaghetti forks',would it be nice to eat spaghetti more efficiently? Yes, but who cares. This is an open audition, but is this all we, as Americans, have to offer? SAD

Wait till next year, to see the 'SlipNut' (a fun name for serious water fun) -__-

Apr 11, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I love this show! Its great

I love this show! Its great to see what people can come up with.
I think its really interesting. I'm anxious to see how they handle things from here.

If we didn't have people like them to think up new things, we'd still
be living in caves!