American Inventor Show- Episode 107 Recap - Group 2 Semi-Finalist Cutdowns. The Winner Is...

bio_QuinlanEZXnewshot FYI – MR. ANNOUNCER GUY STATES…THEY WENT TO 7 CITIES, saw 10,127 INVENTIONS, of which 223 were for toilet products. Tonight it’s MARY LOU QUINLAN who decides who moves to the FINAL 4.

Here’s how the show sets up the inventors – total reality show BS” “A prison guard, an unemployed mother, and a teenage immigrant all compete for 50 thousand dollars.

First up, JERRY WESLEY – Correctional Officer. Works at Donovan State Prison – San Diego State Prison. Usual slice of life shots for human drama. EZ-X PORTABLE GYM – 13 Years and over $100,000 invested. Cut to...

nayacloseup DARLA DAVENPORT POWELL The Talking Niya Doll – offers hope Niya speaks, Swahili, Spanish & English and at some point, maybe other languages.Believes the doll can help shape a child’s character. She put her last unemployment check into the doll. 22 years working on the doll. Cut to...

BIKE1 FRANCISCO PATINO – QUEENS, NY - Immigrated when he was 12 years old. The Double Traction Bike – with extra seat and peddles for a rider to sit in the front. Peter reminds us in the edit that: “I know what it feels like to come from nothing.” When he was 7, Francisco's sister passed away.

DAVID BLANE COMMERCIAL – “DROWNED ALIVE” – Did you catch it? I don’t know, looks interesting. They have 30 days to rebuild their inventions. Mary Lou outlines her demands.

Darla – bring Naya into the 21st Century. And think about the song. Naya Focus groups – kids think it’s unique/ there’s nothing really special about her/ eventually start to like it… Darla realizes a new song could give her an advantage in the marketplaces. Meets with T2 DESIGN. Auditions kids to be the voice of Niya. They aren’t great.

Next up... Mary Lou says Francisco needs to make his double bike cooler and safer. Focus group – kids say "you'll look like a nerd if you’re by yourself" / "Right now all I see is crap." Can we make the front seat detachable to make it more sellable? He starts to second guess his target. Teenagers as orignially planned or parents with kids.

Next up... Jerry gets his advice to make the EZ-X easier. Maybe add a workout DVD. Focus groups lead him to figure out a color code system for interlocking system to make things easier.

Next... Naya has a new song. A new voice - courtesy of Hayley - a young girl. And there's a new collection of dolls – not just one but a whole family of them from different walks of life. Smart move.

Next... Francisco – teens have time to have fun. So he’s going with teens for the market then...

Jerry makes an instructional DVD – but it’s a serious struggle then... ...they show all the finished products to the contestants from their design studios. And they all look pretty damn good.

naya NEW Niya doll is presented to the judges – with the new line of dolls and the new song. She shows a focus groups of kids. They like it. She always had the idea for multiple dolls. That's how she was able to get it all done in 30 days. She says she should move on because she “has the stuff that inventors are made of.” Ed makes a point. IT’S A DOLL. And you could clearly hear in his voice whether A DOLL should be the big idea that moves forward.

Now it’s Jerry’s turn. He’s a little nervous. Ok... a a LOT nervous. Says the product is new and improved. He shows a demonstration. This guy has passion. Very, very nervous. Says he would be a DVD spokesperson. Peter gives a slight nod to liking that idea. Doug wishes he focused on ONE aspect of the invention.

BIKE2 Next... Francisco's turn. Names the bike the Dtract 2X2 - very cool logo design. Very cool bike design. He figured out how to make the second seat removable. Doug said he invented a new category in bikes. Peter wishes it could go on every bike in America as an add on – then that would be HUGE. DID YOU HEAR THAT? That was the sound of Huffy, Mongoose and every other bike company running to invent EXACTLY what Peter just said. Heck, maybe I’ll go draw up the patent right now.

Anyway... Now Mary Lou has to decide which one moves on. She says it’s going to be tough because they all have the dream of seeing their product on the shelf. Yup. That’s why you make the big bucks.

Mary Lou tells Darla that she did a great job moving the doll into the 21st century. Mary Lou questions whether the time has come and gone for a doll like Naya. Mary Lou tells Francisco that he’s the surprise of the competition. At 19 he’s focused, mature – but the question is whether America is ready for a bike like this, and whether it’s too soon for him to have this success. Mary Lou tells Jerry he’s a force of nature. His presentation is passionalte despite the lack of clarity of his presentation. But is that enough. She made her decision – Jerry is going home. BUST. He says he’s done his best.

Mary Lou tells Francisco he’s the youngest - and is it too soon for him. Is he ready? She tells Darla that she is poised, strategic, knows herself as a woman. As a woman she identifies with Darla. doughallphoto She decides that Darla will not be moving on the final 4. BUST. That’s ok though, since she’s apparently already has had talks with Kmart a while back.

Francisco moves on to the FINAL 4. He did it. She says he’s the purest inventor they have ever seen. Cue... going home to see family and friends and really sappy music. Cue music... with the not so old Iglesias “Would you save my soul tonight. – I can be your hero baby.” Ugh. Did I say Ugh? Ugh. All the families are proud, and of course a bit sad. Except for Francisco’s family. Go figure.

Next week Peter & Doug make the decisions on who will be the last 2. If all goes well, we'll have DOUG HALL back for a LIVE blog after his episode airs.

Apr 27, 2006
by Okka (not verified)


Seriously who gonna buy the bike that gonna cost 2-3 times the normal bike and who gonna risk his life when the bike need sudden brake? I always thought Francisco invented that bike because he was poor to buy 2 bikes for him and his brother.

Apr 27, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Same bike. Not as cool. Explain that to the patent office. Jerry should have moved forward. Editing made him look bad. Great guy, bad luck.
Check out:

Apr 28, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Don't worry about Jerry I'm sure we'll see him on late night..

infomercials real soon. I mean, if the toner belt can sell, the soloflex can sell, Tai Bo can sell, all this guy needs, is a big personality, backed with his American Inventor creds and he'll make money. I wouldn't be surprised if the show already locked him up in contract. They have the rights to option every invention in the top 12 for one year. This one's a lock, guaranteed. Doug was right. He should have focused on one thing - which in my opinion, would have been the unique locking mechanism. That's totally new from what I've searched, in the category. And as a patent, could be licensed any number of ways.

Good luck Jerry. I'm rooting for your success even without the show. But if you're out there, why not post your invention in the gallery here at the site. It couldn't hurt.

Apr 28, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The Bilenky Viewpoint is NOT the same!

Did you actually see the bike on American Inventor? Go look again if you weren't actually watching, the two bikes are vastly different. The Bilenky is fully recumbant, whereas the D-Tract 2x2 is not. Look at pedal location, for the Bilenky they are over 12" in front of the front wheel, whereas on the D-Tract hey are connected directly to the front wheel.

Secondly, look at the tire sizes. The Bilenky has a much smaller front wheel, whereas the D-Tract has identically sized front and back wheels. If you take off the front seat, you essentially have a BMX bike remaining. If you take the front seat off the Bilenky, you have one messed up bicycle...

Also, the front wheel on the Bilenky drives a chain connected to the back tire. The D-Tract drives the front wheel.

The bikes are NOT the same, at all.

Apr 28, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Aussie Shampoo can use the

Aussie Shampoo can use the bike for their T.V. commercial. A girl on the front washes her hair with Aussie Shampoo and her hair is boofed-up and obstructs the driver in back, causing an accident. Even though the developmemt had a seat for the front person to lean back allowing the person in back to peer over the person in fronts head, they still can't see the road for: rocks, pot holes, or even snakes. Also, the rear person controls the hand brakes and the unknowing front person can be hurled forward into the street. The question of is there another bike for two on the market? Yes, for decades and a better and safer one at that.

Apr 28, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Mary lou blew-hooed it.

Mary lou blew-hooed it. Jerry also make the mistake of showing the video with the malfunction and the pissed-off man after he was hit in the crouch and pointing both thumbs down about his invention. The catch protype would break if it was even tested. Jerry's did break, but you want it to break in testing, not after it's been marketed. It was made stronger and corrected as Jerry stated. His exerciser had 100 times the marketing potential-all 4 judges could use it. How many would use the bike? None!

Apr 28, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Ironic was it for K-Mart to

Ironic was it for K-Mart to sponser this program with a commercial on Martha Stewart Patio Table. They also sell the niya doll. Needless to say I'm glad to see this invention go home!

Apr 28, 2006
by ThinkALittle (not verified)

>>Jerry also make the

>>Jerry also make the mistake of showing the video with the malfunction and the pissed-off man after he was hit in the crouch and pointing both thumbs down about his invention.

lol, you actually think he *chose* to have this shown?

Apr 28, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

There goes Niiiiyaaaa.....

There goes Niiiiiyaa, what won't she do...

There goes Niiiiiyaa, what won't she get into.

Is it only me, or is that damn gingle in anyone else's head? So glad they sent her packing. It still burns me up she made it to the final 12, taking a more deserving inventor's spot. It was in *KMART* for crying out loud? How can that even be considers America's best *new* invention. Arg.

Apr 28, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Yeah, shouldn't Niya be a

Yeah, shouldn't Niya be a pubescent, ornery teen by now? Oh what will she get intooo....

Apr 29, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

In no particular order:

"Yeah, shouldn't Niya be a pubescent, ornery teen by now? Oh what will she get intooo...."

Pubescent, ornery teen? Try slacker, college drop-out girl in her mid-20's with no life, no job, living with her parents for the foreseeable future (which is amazing similar to the doll's description as well). There is a reason why she has been trying to get this out on the market for 20+ years and hasn't succeeded. No one wants the product.

"How can that even be considers America's best *new* invention. Arg."

Who ever said this is a contest for Amerca's best *new* invention? It isn't. Although, it should have never been ANYWHERE close to the top 12 of America's supposed best inventions. But, every episode simple reiterates more and more that they picked people and inventions that they thought would make good TV and not just inventions by merit of their ingenuity, usefulness, saleability, etc.

"Jerry's exerciser had 100 times the marketing potential...."

To whom? It seems readily apparent that this mainly would be sold to people who need a portable gym. Although it seems like a good idea, how many people see it as important enough to buy something like this to take on the road with them? How many people are on the road enough to need something like this? This isn't something you can easily fly with unless you want to give up one of your checked items, in which case, it would have to be for a very short trip. Again, who wants to take it and go through the trouble? I can understand a traveling salesman like the one they had road-test it after the prototype was completed, but how many of that type of individual are out there? I think very little and this was something that hurt Jerry in the end. Not to mention that a lot of hotels have exercise rooms, and people who are serious about exercising on the road stay in those types of hotels. All in all, of the 3 and despite the issues surrounding marketing it, I think the bike is the most marketable and has the most potential for sales. And he and his design team did an AWESOME job on the design, which have to be one of the main reasons why he got to advance. Very sad, though, that this is consdered one of the top 4 inventions and/or the kid is considered one of the top 4 inventors in America out of the 10,000+ they looked at. It will definitely be interesting to see how the public votes when it comes down to the final 4.

"I mean, come on - IT'S A DOLL!!!!"

Amen, Peter. Geez, what is the invention here? It is a f-ing doll with a novelty gimmick! What is so special about it speaking three languages (how is counting to 3 in Swahili considered speaking that language?) And either she doesn't know her competition or she flat out lied when they asked if there was anything like it on the market. There are plenty of bi-lingual dolls and African American dolls out there. And I didn't think the kids at the end that were supposed to represent liking the doll were all that enthused. They appeared led to their answers and weren't really happy with playing with it. If they had just left the doll there without ANY coaching, I am sure it would have stayed right on the table.

Ultimately, another very sad commentary on what TV thinks interests the public the most with what they chose to show in the way of the clip edits, what they focused on with the story of each person, the inventions they chose as the final 12, even who was chosen as the judges, for God's sake. I think the show has a good concept, but is being extremely poorly executed. Unfortunately for American society, I'm sure it will be back for another year.

Apr 29, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I think the show will be

I think the show will be back too. I think they need to adjust how they do the auditions, because the silly inventions out numbered the good by a long shot to go to CA for the so called auditions in front of the sacred four. If not you will see a mob of william Hung type of inventions, and why not they get a free vacation to CA and lots more chance to be on T.V. than a serious presented inventions.

Apr 29, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Whoever said it was about the invention? ABC!

From above -
"Who ever said this is a contest for Amerca's best *new* invention? It isn't."

Ummm, maybe you should look at the ABC homepage about this show. The *very first sentence* says this:
American Inventor, an exciting series from Simon Cowell and the producers of American Idol about the biggest search ever for America's best new invention, premieres with a two-hour special...

Just wanted to set the record straight.

Apr 30, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

How does that "set the record straight"?

The 2lst-24th words in the FIRST sentence are "America's best new invention". I don't get your point at all. Either you don't understand the statement or you don't understand the statement.

Apr 30, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

lol, they are pointing out

lol, they are pointing out that the show isn't really about 'America's best new invention' because the Niya doll is over 20 years old.

He/She recognizes that ABC says it is about 'America's best new invention', but is pointing out that it really isn't.

So Anonymous 2006-04-29 22:24, you are the one with comprehension problems not the other guy.

May 1, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

New Niya song

I really liked the new Niya song that T2 Design recorded.
Has anyone found a link to it yet?
It was cool. I'd like to download the new Niya Song.

May 4, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Quinlan is an idiot

How in the heck she could have chosen this stupid, unsafe bicycle over the fanatastic idea of the ez-x?
The weights may have only a smaller niche market, but I don't know of anyone that is going to risk his neck on a that bike.
I know I would not allow any child of mine anywhere near that thing.

May 4, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Why was the bike picked?

I don't think the bike was the reason why it was picked - I think it was her emotional attachment to the kid. You could see it in her eyes. She let her emotions interfere with her judgement and ultimately ended up picking the one of the three that she was most emotionally tied to.