American Inventor Show - Episode 5 - Recap of the First Hour : Narrowed Down from 50 to 24

The receivers training poleThe show is two hours tonight. The 50 inventors that moved forward from the first round are narrowed down to 24 in the first hour and then to 12 in the second hour. If my count is correct, we’ve seen 32 of the 50 (although there are some that we don’t know very much about).

Here’s a recap of the first hour (50 to 24):

The show starts off with some products that never made it past the first round – the bladder buddy, the perfect pet petter, the walk buddy (the stick) and the theraphy buddy saying "everything is going to be alright". I guess they needed to fill some time. Maybe they should have made this episode an hour and half instead of two hours or actually shown the few more of the 50 that we did not get to see. Finally, "the competition gets serious" and the 50 contestants that made it to round two are up.

The judges come in to give a pep talk and let them know what is important to them. Doug – how is your idea going to change the world. Mary Lou – why does your idea say you are the American inventor. Ed – this is it, this is your last 60 seconds. Peter – Give it your all, as if its the most important moment in your life....passion, passion, passion. Each contestant has one minute to pitch their idea in front of the judges and in front of the fellow inventors.

First 15 are up. Alot of lot drum music to add drama.

Mark Martinez, 43 - Sac Master 2000: What can it do for humanity. One man, one scoop, sandbag and shovel. It can save lives and property. Use it or lose it. Excellent presentation.

Tim Lee, 32 - Hook-N-Pull: This is the moment he has been waiting for all of his life. Easier to prune trees. Stutters. Stage fright. Forgets his pitch and makes no sense.

Mark Major, 45 – Quad Flosser: World needs better flossers for better health around the world. Current flossers out there are hard to use … this is what...ummm...loses his place. Has stage fright. Not a good presentation. Goes through a bunch of people who mess up.

Michael Bellon, 33 - Toy Figure Manipulator: omni directional toy manipulator… Has stage fright.

David Whiteis, 43 – Video Gift Box: It is a gift box that silently and secretly records a once in a lifetime moment. First time we are seeing this. New product.

Wade Sun – Disc Eraser: He should be the next American Inventor because his invention is cool. The disc eraser is a new data security device used to erase CDs and DVDs. First time we are seeing this product. New product. (The show does not display his name but he's in our Invention Gallery so I knew his name - check him out there).

Jerry Wesley, 51 - Ez-X Portable Gym: Load and lock. Two gyms in one. Doug says he thinks they are looking at garage sale material. Harsh.

Carsten Mehring, 38 -Kitty Glove Keyboard: Control your satellite radio in your car with your hands on your … on your.. Gets cut off by a judge? New product. People are not rising to the occasion.

Heidi Jacquin, 35 - Soft Spin Nail Polish Remover: Begs. She really, really, really, really wants this. I guess she thinks no one else really wants this. New product.

Kathy Jacobs, 41 – 101 Cookie & Cake Kits: Begs. If she’s chosen, she’ll do anything. I swear, I'll do anything. Anything?

Jeanine Paolicelli, 38 – Hop and Pop: Can’t do it by herself. I need you guys. Peter says its one of the most ridiculous ideas he’s heard.

Cedric Emanuel, 38 - Baseball Protective Gear: Going to change the world. Doug has an obnoxious comment about the good thing about this contest is that they get a second vote on these products.

Charles Simms & Burnes Starkses (no age) - Warps Chess: Greetings from brynot from the planet septon. What? They get cut off by the judges.

Doug: Guys, we have a real problem here. They don't get it. They are not selling it. We need 24, I don't know if there are 24. Morning presentations are over.

The judges return after lunch. Doug yells at the 50 contestants. YOU”VE GOT TO WANT IT. We're talking a million dollars (he's screaming about Emerson). The soul of inventor is the passion of the inventor. It's about you and what you are going to do to change the world. You have to sell me… after you leave here you’ve got to have nothing left. You’ve got to want it. Loud dramatic music - Let's kick it up.

Erik Thompson, 40 - Receiver’s Training Pole: Hard sell. Great presentation. This is my time, my moment. No other kid will suffer the same faith. Peter says this is what it is all about. We need pitches like that.

Joseph and Jenny Safuto, 46 and 31 – Flush Pure: Removes airborne bacteria from a flushing toilet. Chracoal filter on the lid. If we win, America wins. Want to be number 1 in the number 2 business. (haha). Good presentation. New product. The afternoon pitches impress the judges.

There are four inventions that they go through very quickly:

Dwight Sloan, 48 – Solar Power Rock-N-Roller (which we saw in episode 1), two other things I can’t recognize and the scrublade.

Michael Williams, 36 – Tool Buddy: something about improving the product. New product.

Paul and Donovan Schreifels, 35 and 13 - Cookie stacker: made it so his mom’s cookies don’t get smashed.

Janusz Lieberkowski, 52 - Spherical Safety Seat: its not a toy or gadget. It’s a breakthrough idea. It’s the car seat idea. We can save thousands of young lives.

Joan Colvin, 35 – Character Building Buddies: Can change the lives of children and parents. This is my heart and passion. Can change the lives of children and parents.

Edward Hall, 39 - Word Ace: Promotes literacy.

Aaron Tang, 26 - Anemone Alarm Clock: Clock that has a bit more personality.

Dan Gersten, 58 – Mobile Family Plot: Growing demand for the personalized celebration of one's lives. Gives meaning to both life and death. New Product. Doug says he liked it before and likes it now.

Franz Harary,43 - Video Tattoo: New Product but they still tell us what it is.

Sharon Clemens, 63 – Restroom Door Clip: Don’t have to live in fear that you are going to be embarrassed.

Jodi Pliszka, 39 - The Headliner: Disability is ability.

Darla Davenport Powell, 48 – Here Comes Niya Doll: Helps children celebrate differences.

Francisco Patino, 19 - Double Traction Bike: He made a bunch of improvements on the bike because the judges told them there was a lot of work to be done during round one. Judges are impressed with the fact he made improvements.

Rhona Raher-Olefsky, 76 - Disposable Bedding: Tells us how it will save our planet but saving water, electricity … etc. Does not mention what it will do to our landfills. Redirect the energy of caretakers. Cut off by the judges.

Robert Amore, 45 – Toner Belt: Snaps on and makes its easy to work out with it. Good presentation – he’s got a lot of energy. This is a $5 billion dollar industry and I plan on getting a piece of it.

Sheryl McDonald, 40 – Un-Brella: it looks like and umbrella that closes up versus down. Good presentation. Got a prototype since round one. New Product.

Judges are behind close doors to decide the 24. The inventors are brought forth in groups. Some are eliminated and some are told they are moving forward. They show a group shot of the people that made it to round three but they don’t show everyone individually. I am trying to get this up quickly so you'll have to wait until my recap of the second hour to know the final 24 (and the final 12).

We definitely do not get to see all the 50 inventions that made it through to round two. I think we only saw 34. Which ones were not presented? Dial-a-cup? Boing? Bev-Plate? Tailgate Seat? Touch Glove? Double layer nut dish? My heart bra? Did I miss any? I feel bad for these inventors who are missing. I am sure they are disappointed at the lost opportunity. Onto the second hour...

Apr 13, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Here comes Naja

I am thoroughly confused. One of the inventors wants her doll"Here comes Naja" marketed. Naja speaks three languages. I agree, a great idea. The problem: I purchased this doll three years ago at K-Mart. (Still have her). She is identical to the one currently in the competition). What's going on here?

Apr 13, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

It should be called "Here comes NADA"

Just google "niya doll kmart" - the first link is a press release from 2000 in the Detroit news ("'Niya' doll finds a home with Kmart"). She inked a deal to sell the doll in Kmart. What the hell is going on here? Inventors dream of getting their products into a place like Kmart. She did it. The first line of the show description on the ABC website is: "American Inventor, an exciting series from Simon Cowell and the producers of American Idol about the biggest search ever for America's best new invention" (emphasis on the NEW). The doll itself might be a good product, but what on earth is she doing on this show with a product that is in production and already sold in a mass market outlet? I think the network and the judges just all shot themselves in the collective foot on this one. How pathetic.

Was it just me, or did it seem like you had to cry in the final round to make it to the group of 12?

Apr 14, 2006
by Alexis

Products that are already being sold

Under the FAQs section of ABC American Inventor Website, it says:

I have a product I'm already selling. Can I submit it?

You can submit your invention if it has not been mass manufactured (e.g. more than 50,000 units) by you or anyone else.

Crying - a couple of the final 12 did not cry. I actually looked at whether they cried when I wrote the recap. Take a look at the recap.

Apr 14, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I can se why the exceptonal

I can se why the exceptonal inventions were left behind. They would have no use for the development money. Also,there would be no competition and no mystery of who would win the Million. By the way does the winner only get 950,000 dollars since they have already received $50,000 of it?

Apr 15, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

need more humor on this show

Am I the only person who feels this show will only maintain an audience if we can smile a little instead of breaking out the kleenex every 14 seconds? Love the couple with a sense of humor that won the 50K. No long sob story just good clean happiness and a good invention to boot.