American Inventor Show - Episode 5 - Recap of Second Hour: From 24 to 12 Finalists

wordaceIn this episode, the judges are going to narrow down the 24 contestants down to 12. I’m expecting a lot of tears because the judges say the next presentation is about speaking from the heart. They need to show why the inventors need the $50,000 to move forward.

Here's the final 24:

Jody Pliszka, 39 – Headliner. A rare medical condition caused her to lose her hair. He talks of the horrow of her eyelashes with the mascara still on them falling off. She tells of how this curse ends up being a blessing. Peter said I felt I was with you on your journey and thanks Jody. Yes, she cries.

Jerry Wesley, 51 - Ez-X Portable Gym. Jerry cries telling his story (again). Does not do a great job explaining why people would buy it from him. Doug yells at Jerry. doesn't know if people would buy his product. He cries (not because Doug yells). Peter says that he wishes that Jerry had another person’s invention to present to the judges. That’s not a positive.

Sheryl McDonald, 40 – Un-Brella. Lost her job. Now, her employment has run out. She went and produced a prototype ans is amazed at herself for being able to do that. She needs it. She wants it. She’s cries. Mary Lou seems moved. She did not realize Sherry had that much skin in the game. They talk of how interesting it is how some people rise and some people fall.

Erik Thompson, 40 - Receiver’s Training Pole (football training device). He gives a great speech. Tells his sob story – he needs it as much any of the other contestants but does not cry. My house is in foreclosure, I don't care. Says it matter of factly. I completely appreciate the way he tells his story. Not emotional yet very powerful. This is my passion, this is my baby. Peter says its not often you have four speechless judges.

David Whiteis, 43 – Video Gift Box. The clip was not long enough to see if he cries.

Dwight Sloan, 48 – Solar Power Rock-N-Roller. The clip was not long enough to see if he cries. Will make them money.

Mark Martinez, 43 – Sackmaster 2000. The clip was not long enough to see if he cries.

Edward Hall, 39 - Word Ace Former teacher. 5th graders were his inspiration. Touched that people put down their playstation to play with his game. Dream to get out of inner city. Managed to pursue the passion in his classroom. Yes, he cries. A judge says, this is brutal to try to get it down to 12.

Darla Davenport Powell, 48 – Here Comes Niya Doll : Spent $130,000. Wow. Yes, she gives a sob story. Says she has the passion, drive, and creativity. She’s sacrificed her career for her product. She’s given everything for this product. No tears but her eyes are all watery.

Kathy Jacobs, 41 - 101 Cookie & Cakes Kits. Makes a joke about being like a gambler in Vegas and every time she pulls that handle she closer to hitting the jackpot. Judges ask why they should gamble on her product. She says because he really believes in her product. Leaves the presentation feeling like the judges hated her.

Sharon Clemens, 63 – Restroom Door Clip. Doug asks why they should give her $50,000 for the product. Says her husband said he would buy the product. No tears.

Robert Amore, 45 – Toner Belt. Does not come up with a good answer for what he would do with the $50,000.

Joseph and Jenny Safuto, 46 and 31 – Flush Pure. : makes a joke that he will go to Mexico with the $50,000. Ed says he just lost.

Paul and Donovan Schreifels, 35 and 13 - Cookie Stacker. Peter describes it a plastic container with a shelf.

Mark Major, 45 – Quad Flosser: He’s a quadriplegic. A lot of things related to inventing have to do with his independence. Always been a fighter. Yes, he tears up.

Joan Colvin, 35 – Character Building Buddies. She repeats what she said in the first round. Says she’s given up a lot – leaving her kids at home to pursue this. Yes, she starts crying. Doug says lots of nice things don't sell. Mary Lou lists some reasons for liking it. Peter says he’s not convinced on this product.

Dan Gersten, 58 – Mobile Family Plot. Keepsake receptacle inspired by trivial pusuits. Wife that passed away was his inspiration. He's very good and thought provoking. No tears. Judges are concerned its too ahead of its time.

Janusz Lieberkowski, 52 - Spherical Safety Seat. Child car safety seat. His daughter died in a car accident. We are running out of time as babies are dying. You can feel his desperation to help others avoid having to feel what it is like to lose a child in a car accident (maybe that is just the mom in me talking).

Francisco Patino, 18 -Double Traction Bike. Doesn’t own a TV. I couldn’t hear anything else beyond that. I’m kidding. He would rather read a book and learn about something to improve himself than watch TV. He’s an inspiration. Yes, he cried.

They only show 19 out of the 24. Which of the 24 that moved forward are missing? Anemone alarm clock. That’s the only I can think of. Who am I missing?

They all talk about how brutal its going to be to pick the final 12. It's going to be a long night. Judges go into the deliberation room to choose the 12 contestants that will get the $50,000. The judges select the first 11, and fight over the final 1. They start screaming at eat other. Mary Lou chews Doug a new one. Finally, Doug stakes his total reputation as an inventor on his favorite and they all go along with it.

Heart-tugging song "Your raise me up" as they go through all the yeses and nos. What a tear-jerker.

BOOM OR BUST - Here are the final 12:

Solar Power Rock-N-Roller – BUST

Video gift box - BUST

Headliner - BOOM (1)

Cookie Stacker - BUST

Mobile Family Plot - BUST Training Pole - BOOM (2)

Un-Brella - BOOM (3)

Pure Flush - BOOM (4)

Restroom Door Closer– BOOM (5)

Sac 2000 Master – BOOM (6)

Ez-X Portable Gym – BOOM (7)

TonerBelt – BOOM (8)

101 Cookies & Cakes – BUST

Here Comes Niya Doll - BOOM (9)

Character Building Buddies – BUST

Spherical Safety Seat – BOOM (10)

Word Ace – BOOM (11) Quad Flosser – BUST

Double Traction Bike – last but not least BOOM (12)

The next few weeks should be great. I really love some of the products that are moving forward. Just one consumer’s opinion. What do you think?

Make sure to vote of whether you think they were a BOOM OR BUST. We have the final 12 and the ones that almost made it.

Oh, almost forgot...make sure to check out our Invention Gallery which features detailed looks at most of these 24 inventions. If its not there, and you know how to reach them, let us know.

Apr 13, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

2 that come to mind that

2 that come to mind that were left out are, Take-A-Seat as well as the Trailer Tower. Can't think of the others, but why weren't they shown? I've been to both web sites: and - they are cool ideas, but both sure seem in a league of their own and far better than some that got through. I'm writing and asking - Why didn't we get to see the others? I urge you to do the same. Seems a little shady.

Apr 14, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Top 50 video clips

I wish the show's official website would show the top 50 inventors, their names, picture and their invention. Would also be nice to show the video clip of each of their auditions.

Apr 14, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Character Building Buddy Bears She is great.. Wish she made it all the way to the last round... Really loved those bears.. Some say it was an infringement off the Bild A Bear Workshop because of the heart piece.. I say they are nothing alike.. Go Joan! It seems she has made it further than others as she already sells them online, and at Legoland, as well as a few other locations..

Apr 14, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The Shell-Tray

What about the musical group that had the dual-bottom shell disposal tray? They moved forward, with Doug saying they were hucksters.

Apr 14, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I've already seen the

I've already seen the preview last night of the 4 week baby car seat development that the $50,000 was supposedly used for. It looks the same, and you can hear Doug tell him he did'nt try hard enough. It still apparantly swivels-in all directions. I think he needs to forget the side impact swivel and just provide padding on the sides of a rectangular seat instead of a round one. I'm the one who suggested two springs(coil)on each side of the hindges (4 total) in an earlier blog.

Apr 15, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Germ filtering toilet seat guy

I'd like to know more about the cute couple that invented a toilet seat that filters bacteria and stuff after flushing. Sounds very interesting. Like to see more of this invention explained. Like the shovel guy too.