American Package Design Awards 2014 Celebrates Latest Innovations

Graphic Design USARead is looking for submissions for the greatest product packaging from 2013 to be showcased in their April 2014 American package Design Awards Annual issue. Is your packaging creative enough to make the cut?
Cindy Ng & JJ’s creative take on Vitamin Water’s bottles ( Ng & JJ’s creative take on Vitamin Water’s bottles (
Companies and the individual designers who developed the product’s inventive packaging are encouraged to send a single image of your incredible work for a chance to earn a spot in Graphic Design USARead’s upcoming annual, its well-traveled website, and iPad app, as well as a really fancy “Certificate of Excellence” award for creating something genuinely special. The judges will be looking for original packaging designs in 19 different categories, so if you went well out of your way to create an eye-catching box, bottle, bag or container for your item, do us all a favor and enter it into one of the following:
Ana Gabriela’s inventive “Take Away” cardboard food packaging concept ( Gabriela’s inventive “Take Away” cardboard food packaging concept ( DESIGN
1.    Health and Beauty
2.    Wine and Liquor
3.    Food and Beverages
4.    Electronics and Computers
5.    Music and Entertainment
6.    Household, Garden and Industrial
7.    Sports/Toys/Games
8.    Baby and Children's
9.    Animal and Pets
10.    Fashion and Apparel
11.    Students
12.    Luxury Packaging
13.    Sustainable Packaging
14.    Private Label Packaging
15.    P-O-P/Posters/Signs
16.    Kiosks/Displays
17.    Hangtags
18.    Giftwrap/Shopping Bags/ Takeout
19.    Store Logos/Identity/Branding
BQB’s innovative “Dino Gum” candy package (’s innovative “Dino Gum” candy package ( you’ve already put forth the effort to make the ultimate wrapper for your excellent product, and it has landed on store shelves between January 1, 2012 and December 13, 2013, you should be excited to push its design into Graphic Design USARead’s limelight. Hurry up and click here to enter, as you only have until December 13th to send your entry in. Good luck designers and inventors!

Source: Graphic Design USARead