Amish Scooter Bikes Are Tastier Than Shoo-Fly Pie

How far has our society come or reverted when Amish gear is cool and trendy. These scooter bikes won't appeal to everyone, but in the day and age when everything bicycle, scooter and green is cool, you have to admit that they have a certain charm regardless. And instead of being built in some hipster shop out of Portland, Oregon or Brooklyn, they're farm-fresh off an Amish farm--I'll say it's in the middle of rural Pennsylvania, but frankly, I have no idea exactly where it is.


More than just an eye-catching way to commute to the local organic food store, the hybrid bikes include a variety of performance parts like ball bearing wheels, high speed aluminum racing rims, welded steel construction and a rear foot brake. They also " turn on a dime!" says the people that are trying to sell them to you. 

The bikes hold up to 350 pounds worth of man or woman and come in three sizes--16" (kids), 20" (average adults and teens) and 24" (6-foot + adults). They cost a nice, round $300 when freight is factored in, and that cute, lil' basket is included. Order your farm-fresh Amish bike today.

Via: TrendHunter