Amiya's Mobile Dance Academy: Brilliant Business Run By Bright Tween

A unique business concept gets enough notice on its own, but when there's a CEO behind it of a unique demographic who proves that brilliance can beat the odds, you've just got to give it some recognition.

Amiya's Mobile Dance AcademyAmiya's Mobile Dance Academy

Amiya's Mobile Dance Academy is a Detroit business that offers dance instruction in a converted bus to local kids. Appealing to an area where busy working parents aren't always able to enroll their children in dance classes, and if they do, might not be able to get them to their instructors. The Mobile Dance Academy solves this problem by bringing the dance studio to them in a funky environment inside a bus with all the necessary amenities.

Mobile Dance InstructionMobile Dance Instruction

Costs are very affordable for class sessions as they do rely upon donations and sponsorship for funding. 

What makes this business particularly special is the person behind the concept. The CEO of Amiya's Mobile Dance Academy is an 11-year old who decided to run with her creative ideas!

Via: Jezebel