Stopping Torture, Murder and Mayhem - Powerful Ads from Around the World

It appears that some of the most creative and inventive advertising is coming from nonprofits these days.

I've been taking a look at the nonprofits and "for a good cause" marketing techniques. Last month, we looked at the Anti-Smoking Campaigns. and Saving Our Environment Campaigns, and the AIDS Campaigns.

Today I am just going to focus on one organization. Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign and work towards the international recognition and support of human rights. Take a look at some of their most creative and attention getting advertising campaigns.

1. LOCKED UP (Frankfurt)


In Frankfurt, in this campaign, people were cut out and placed into public lockers. The copy says: LOCKED UP. Because of colour, religion, political preference… Amnesty International supports human rights… help us.


2. FREE SPEECH (Poland)

These were placed on the streets of Poland.


3. WRONG OPTION (England)

This guerrilla marketing technique was used on street grates and says "wrong option."




These ads are about human rights for imprison people that were not proven guilty and sit imprisoned without a fair trial.


In Spain, these ads ran on bus stops and says: ‘More than 4000 condemned until death are waiting for their execution. No to Capital punishment’. In case you can't tell, the guy is sitting in an electric chair. Sitting in something that looks like an electric chair is sure to trigger some reaction, no?

Sep 6, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

about 6. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (Spain)

i doubt #6 one is from spain since the text on the ad is in french

Sep 6, 2007
by Corbin (not verified)


I doubt #6 one is from spain since there are only 5.

Sep 6, 2007
by Corbin (not verified)

Crap, sorry

Disregard last page. I feel like a fool, didn't see next page. Sorry for asshattiness.

Sep 6, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


... ad seems to read "Wrong Opinion".


That, or I'm wrong.


Sep 8, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

It's actually Catalans, a

It's actually Catalans, a language spoken in the region around Barcelona that resembles a mix between French and Spanish.

Sep 9, 2007
by Live TV (not verified)

Are the lockers real?

Are those lockers/storage bins real? I mean they risk someone pulling out the 'cutouts'. Great ads BTW, they're very thought provoking to say the least - if only we had some of those over here in North America.