Amphibian Swim-Fin Shoes


Amphibian, designed by Edward Shelton, is an intriguing concept aimed at lifeguards. The two-part system features a pair of comfortable walking shoes and slip-on retractable swim fins. The shoes are designed to be comfortable to walk around the beach in unlike traditional swim fins. In an instant, the wearer can deploy the fins to provide extra swim power, because unlike those extra-jiggly, slo-mo shots from Baywatch would have you believe, lifeguards actually have to work quickly.

The fins are composed of carbon fiber to provide extra power into each kick. A heel clip locks the shoe into place while an adjustable front binding, reminiscent of a snowshoe binding, provides secure fit up front. The heel clip adjusts to different shoe sizes, so the device is one-size-fits-all. 

This design seems like a great idea; the only thing I question lies with the two pieces. It would seem that the system could be more secure, quicker and easier-to-use if it were one solid piece like regular swim fins. One assumes that it's been done to provide extra comfort, but having to hook up the separate fin accessory when a rescue is in progress seems to defeat the purpose of rapid response. Couldn't a lifeguard just use regular swim fins in this case?

Either way, though, an Amphibian-style system could be invaluable to lifeguards and water-sport enthusiasts like surfers. 

Via: Yanko Design 

Jun 26, 2009
by Anonymous

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