Amphicoach: Where Tour Bus Meets Tour Boat

For some reason, amphibious vehicles are something that we as a race are obsessed with. Whatever that reason is, the challenge of blending roadworthiness with seaworthiness is something that will never be lost as far as many people are concerned. It is this mentality from which the Amphicoach was born.


The Amphicoach is basically an amphibious tour bus. Up to 50 people can be transported across open highway and then right into the water without a problem. According to Malta based company, "A traditionally neglected segment of the mass transit market has been the Amphibious Vehicle Segment, which is now about to go mainstream on a global scale." The company also believes the market for harbor tours and similar recreational activities will be on the rise.

The vehicle is still considered a prototype, but was designed to be able to enter production easily and quickly. Power comes from a small turbo diesel engine provided by Iveco Tector and can be ordered in a handful of outputs ranging from 250 to 300 horsepower. The drivetrain can also be purchased as either 4-wheel or 2-wheel drive.

While on the water, propulsion comes from marine jet unit that will draw power from the turbo diesel. The company is also offering an electric option for the marine system, so places that will not allow fossil fueled engines can also be toured.

The Amphicoach comes with safety features for both land and sea, including life-jackets, seatbelts and a fire suppressant system to prevent any problems while water-bound. There are also numerous pieces of technology that can be added from the factory at an additional cost.

The company is also working on a Search and Rescue Vehicle that will share many of the same technologies as the Amphicoach. They plan on releasing both to the market as soon as testing of the prototypes are complete.

May 17, 2009
by Anonymous

Markets for this Unique Bus

EU Riverway systems
EU Canal systems.
Brazil Amazon River area.
HI -IE Inter Island?
HI Rivers?
OR WA Rivers
MS River system.
Cancun Mex area
India So

& Models:

Exec Coach
Mobile Command Post
Comm Relay
Camera Bus for Local TV News
EMT Rescue model.
VIP Exec Use.