Amplified Journeys: New Venture Creates Custom Playlists For Roadtrip Soundtracks!

Want a soundtrack to your life, or at least a soundtrack for that big cross-country roadtrip you've been planning for the summer? Amplified Journeys by Harmon Kandon will create a playlist fit for any roadtrip theme and direct you towards sources to obtain the music from.

At this stage, Amplified Journeys is in an early Beta stage only with limited functionality. Working with Google Maps, Amplified Journeys maps out your journey after you enter your starting point and final destination and chooses a song for every mile of road. Song choices are based on lyrics about the city or states that you pass through; or feature music from bands and artists who come through the areas through which you're traveling.

At this stage, that's where Amplified Journeys' job ends; directing you to iTunes to purchase the songs you've selected to put on your playlist. To make their venture into a stand-alone opportunity, and less a simplistic offshoot from Harmon Kandon; it would be nice to see them incorporate song sales into their functionality, as well as a personal search feature so that songs already downloaded to the users' computers can be obtained and compiled.

For those who have specific musical preferences, you can choose the genre of music you want to see on your playlist - but this is a service geared towards the musically open-minded. Amplified Journeys supports new and emerging artists by offering exposure to their music, so be prepared to embrace change as you set forth to explore new terrains.